Jimmy Raye Fired by 49ers Mostly Because of Alex Smith

The 49ers fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye on Monday morning, a day after the team stumbled to 0-3 with a 31-10 blowout loss in Kansas City. San Francisco has to be one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL. Many people thought they would win the NFC West because of the poor competition in the division, and some even felt they had a chance to advance in the postseason. Now with an 0-3 start.

The team’s offense has been a mess for the most part. They were destroyed 31-6 on the road by the Seahawks in their season opener. In week two, they scored 22 points in a close loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football. Sunday’s week three loss to the Chiefs was the tipping point as the offense was held without a touchdown until the final play of the game. They wound up with 10 points, but that was mostly cosmetics; the Chiefs essentially held them to a field goal.

Although I thought the defense would carry this team and the offense would do just enough for them to win eight games and the division, neither unit is playing well. The problems start with the offense’s inability to move the ball. Because they don’t get first downs and move the chains, they start off with poor field position and are forced to go long distances, while putting the defense at a disadvantage.

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