Joey Gathright Would be a 1st Round Pick in the NFL Draft

The way those scouts operate … man, if they took one look at his vertical, he’d definitely go on Day 1. If you remember a while ago, I posted the video of the amazing, superhuman Gathright jumping cars in a parking lot. I compared Gathright to the freakish Adrian Wilson, who could clear like five feet vertically without a problem. And to refresh your memory, here’s Gathright, who put his hops on display in a spring training game:

People should not be allowed to jump that high. I have trouble clearing a puddle on the street and this dude’s hurdling full-grown human beings? That’s just not fair.

Better Athlete: Adrian Wilson or Joey Gathright?

Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson showed off his incredible athleticism by jumping over a 66-inch high pole. Wilson made the Pro Bowl for his performance in the 2006 season, and if his stats that year didn’t impress you, that video surely will.

Now, the question is, who’s the better athlete? Wilson, or MLB player Joey Gathright: