John Henderson and Andrew Whitworth Double-Ejection for Fighting, Eye Gouging

John Henderson is easily one of the scariest players in the NFL. In fact, if I were to wind up in a dark alley, he might be the last person I’d want to run into. The guy has the most insane pre-game ritual I’ve ever seen and he’s ridiculously amped up for these games. Perhaps it’s no wonder why he got ejected for fighting with Andrew Whitworth of the Bengals on Sunday, and not just fighting — eye gouging too! You can see a few parts of the fight in this video (Henderson’s the 6’7″ guy in the middle wearing number 98):

Whitworth gave his account of the events that got him ejected:

“As he was falling, he was ripping at my helmet. Next thing I know, I have two fingers in my eyeballs. Either I’m going to get fined or this guy is going to potentially ruin my career.

I don’t need to remind you about how sensitive eye injuries can be. And you hear that stuff about the Browns trying to gouge Willis McGahee’s eyes earlier in the year? What’s up with people getting so savage?

John Henderson Would Do Well at Russian Slap Boxing

Yes, there is more than one way to get up for a game. There’s a good chance you’ve seen this before considering it’s old footage. Yet like many oldies, it’s a goodie, and I have to thank Signal to Noise for the reset. Check out how John Henderson gets prepared for a game (language NSFW):

Hard ****ing core. And John, if football doesn’t work out for you, may I suggest a backup profession?