Joker Phillips resigned after Miami person turned in a photo of him with recruit

Joker Phillips FloridaJoker Phillips resigned as wide receivers coach at Florida Wednesday citing “personal reasons,” with reports saying he resigned over a possible recruiting violation.

Yahoo! Sports reports that Phillips resigned after a person with ties to the Miami football program turned in a photo of the former Kentucky coach with a recruit at a restaurant. This would be a violation because it is currently the “dead period” in recruiting.

Phillips’ encounter with the recruit was initially described as a “bump,” which is an incidental, random contact with a recruit. Those are considered secondary violations. However, if it is determined that the bump was premeditated, the violation could be upgraded.

Phillips was the coach at Kentucky for three seasons and joined Florida’s staff prior to last season. In addition to coaching the wide receivers, Phillips was a top recruiter.

Joker Phillips reportedly forced to resign over possible recruiting violations

Joker Phillips FloridaJoker Phillips resigning from his job Wednesday as a wide receivers coach and recruiter for Florida came as a surprise to many. Phillips was relatively new to the staff and just getting rolling in recruiting, plus why would this happen in June of all times?

In his statement, Phillips said he was resigning because of “personal reasons,” which is an ambiguous explanation that really doesn’t answer any questions.

Now we’re learning what may have been the real reason for the abrupt resignation.

According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, Phillips was forced to resign over possible recruiting violations.

We figured it might be something along those lines because of the report that Phillips was still helping out at a camp on Wednesday. If Florida felt comfortable enough having him work at the camp, that suggests they still like and value him as a coach. Being in trouble is a reasonable explanation for him resigning and essentially taking the fall to help the program.

Joker Phillips resigns as Florida WR coach, replaced by Chris Leak

Joker Phillips FloridaFormer Kentucky football coach Joker Phillips resigned Wednesday from his post as wide receivers coach at Florida and will be replaced by Chris Leak.

No details are available about the reason for Phillips’ abrupt resignation. In a statement announcing the news, Phillips says he is stepping down because of the infamous “personal reasons.”

“I’m thankful for the opportunity that the University of Florida and Will Muschamp provided to me and my family, but at this time I have decided to step down from my position on the UF coaching staff for personal reasons,’’ Phillips said.

Leak, who was a quarterback at Florida from 2003-2006 and helped lead the Gators to a national championship, will take over the position. Leak joined the program last year and is being promoted from his role as an offensive graduate assistant.

What’s odd is that Pete Roussel says Phillips worked a Florida camp the same day the news was announced:

Hey, whatever it takes to end those corny Joker Phillips Photoshops we’ll support. We’ll stay on top of this story to see if we find out what the real reason is for his resignation.

Joker Phillips is getting really weird using the whole Joker thing to recruit (Picture)


Florida wide receiver coach Joker Phillips is a big fan of Twitter. The guy tweets all the time, which can be a useful tool considering he is also the Gators’ recruiting coordinator. Many high school athletes use Twitter religiously and would probably like being able to relate to a coach in that way. Unless, of course, things get weird.

Phillips has been using the tagline “#ComePlayWRforTheJoker” as some sort of weird attempt at getting players to consider Florida when selecting a college. A little over a week ago, he used a creepy photo of Heath Ledger as “The Joker” in the Batman movies to go along with his tagline. On Monday, he added Jack Nicholson to the mix.

I’d say that’s probably about enough of that. When we see someone like Phillips using these weird pictures as a recruiting tool, the concept of sending a recruit this many letters in one day doesn’t seem all that strange. It may be a bit excessive, but it won’t give anyone nightmares.

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‘Joke’ Phillips coached Kentucky against Missouri (Picture)

Missouri football’s sports information department made a bit of a blunder on their game notes for Saturday’s Missouri-Kentucky game, but it may have been clairvoyant.

The Tigers’ notes called Kentucky coach Joker Phillips “Joke,” in what we’re assuming was a simple spelling typo rather than a slight aimed at the Wildcats coach.

Either way, Kentucky played like a joke against Missouri, losing 33-10. The Wildcats are now 1-8 and 0-6 in SEC play.

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