Joker Phillips is getting really weird using the whole Joker thing to recruit (Picture)


Florida wide receiver coach Joker Phillips is a big fan of Twitter. The guy tweets all the time, which can be a useful tool considering he is also the Gators’ recruiting coordinator. Many high school athletes use Twitter religiously and would probably like being able to relate to a coach in that way. Unless, of course, things get weird.

Phillips has been using the tagline “#ComePlayWRforTheJoker” as some sort of weird attempt at getting players to consider Florida when selecting a college. A little over a week ago, he used a creepy photo of Heath Ledger as “The Joker” in the Batman movies to go along with his tagline. On Monday, he added Jack Nicholson to the mix.

I’d say that’s probably about enough of that. When we see someone like Phillips using these weird pictures as a recruiting tool, the concept of sending a recruit this many letters in one day doesn’t seem all that strange. It may be a bit excessive, but it won’t give anyone nightmares.

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‘Joke’ Phillips coached Kentucky against Missouri (Picture)

Missouri football’s sports information department made a bit of a blunder on their game notes for Saturday’s Missouri-Kentucky game, but it may have been clairvoyant.

The Tigers’ notes called Kentucky coach Joker Phillips “Joke,” in what we’re assuming was a simple spelling typo rather than a slight aimed at the Wildcats coach.

Either way, Kentucky played like a joke against Missouri, losing 33-10. The Wildcats are now 1-8 and 0-6 in SEC play.

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Photo credit: Ashley Colley/Twitter