Announcers flipped coin for who would interview Gregg Popovich (Video)

Dave Pasch Gregg PopovichHow unsettling is it to interview Gregg Popovich? It’s such a terrifying prospect that the ESPN announcers for the San Antonio Spurs-Utah Jazz game on Wednesday night actually flipped a coin to see who would be forced into the charade. Unfortunately for play-by-play announcer Dave Pasch, he lost the coin toss with Jon Barry and had to go through the routine.

It was actually quite amusing to watch Pasch go through the motions with Pop. He followed typical interview protocol by asking a follow-up question because of Pop’s terse response to the initial question about the team’s defense, and when he was getting ready to ask a question about a second subject matter — which was technically his third question — Pop informed him of the two-question limit.

Darn that Pop! That guy is so on top of things! It’s like he’s just counting his way down to two during the interviews. He actually reminds me of the clown from “Happy Gilmore.” No matter what you do, he’s always going to find a way to piss you off and laugh in your face:

Video via the great @cjzero

Fan’s ‘Jon Barry Sucks’ sign displayed proudly after Game 3 of the Finals (Picture)

If you are one of the very few people across America who enjoys listening to the ESPN studio crew comprised of Magic Johnson, Jon Barry, Chris Broussard, and Mike Wilbon I would love to hear your reasoning. Simply put, this is the most unbearable crew in professional sports. Magic Johnson is one of the best players of all time, but he has no business sitting at a studio desk with a microphone on. When he changed his prediction for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals from the Celtics to the Heat because he “saw the Heat’s faces,” I officially gave up on Magic.

After Miami’s Game 3 win over Oklahoma City in the Finals Sunday night, a brave fan decided to park himself behind the infamous crew and hold up a sign that read “Jon Barry Sucks!!” While I don’t mind Barry and Wilbon as much as I hate Magic and Broussard, his message is one that we can all appreciate. I’m thinking ESPN may have even let him stay there for so long because they know how miserably they failed when they assembled this crew.

Thanks to Mocksession for the screenshot