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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Jon Beason

Alex Boone responds to Jon Beason: ‘I’m sorry he feels that way’

49ers lineman Alex Boone responded to the Giants’ Jon Beason’s claims that his “coward move” led to a concussion, and Boone isn’t exactly sorry about it. Beason told Newsday on Friday that Boone had shoved him in the back deliberately, leading Beason to lose his balance and opening the door for San Francisco’s Carlos Hyde…Read More

Jon Beason says ‘coward move’ led to concussion

Carlos Hyde was fined $23,152 for initiating contact with Jon Beason using the crown of his helmet during last weekend’s game between the Giants and Niners, which resulted in a concussion for Beason. While it was Hyde who delivered the blow, the Giants linebacker is most upset with 49ers lineman Alex Boone. Prior to the…Read More

Jon Beason puts Alex Smith in check for Cam Newton crack

Alex Smith bristled at a question about the 49ers’ poor passing yards stats last season, and responded to a reporter on Wednesday by saying passing yards are an overblown stat. His argument included a shot at Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who won Offensive Rookie of the Year last season. Newton’s teammate Jon Beason heard about…Read More

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