Jonathan Broxton gave teammates Sam LeCure and Mike Leake goofy haircuts

sam-lecure-goofy-haircutWhen you need to change things up a bit, a different haircut is sometimes the way to go. That was the case for Cincinnati Reds pitchers Sam LeCure and Mike Leake.

Fortunately for both of them, Jonathan Broxton was there to help. The Reds reliever grabbed some clippers and went to work on his teammates and the results were definitely interesting.

If LeCure was expecting something goofy when he looked in the mirror, he got what he was looking for.

If I had to sport one, I’d go with the Mohawk like Mike Leake. Thankfully, I don’t have to choose.


The bad news for the Reds is they lost again on Friday night. The good news is at least they can cut their goofy hair. It certainly didn’t help LeCure, who gave up three hits and a walk in 0.1 innings in relief Friday.

Jonathan Broxton’s pants are so big two Royals can fit in them (Picture)

New Royals reliever Jonathan Broxton is so large two of his teammates can fit inside his pants. Fellow relievers Everett Teaford and Tim Collins took the above picture with each man inside one of the legs of Jonathan Broxton’s baseball pants. My friends who are Dodgers fans are going to love this one because Broxton was the butt of endless buffet and pregnancy jokes while he was in LA. I always liked the guy as a reliever, all 300+ pounds of him, and hope he regains the blazing fastball that made him so effective. Maybe a loose clubhouse is just what he needs.

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Picture Credit: Everett Teaford