Jonathan Ogden applies for medical marijuana dispensary license

Jonathan OgdenGuess who’s looking to get into the lucrative medical marijuana business? None other than Jonathan Ogden.

Yes, the Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Baltimore Ravens franchise star is a managing member of a company that has applied for a medical marijuana license in Nevada, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

109 companies have applied for medical marijuana licenses in the state. The one Ogden and his wife are a part of is called “Global Harmony LLC,” and they’re applying for dispensary and cultivation. The Review-Journal says Ogden, who lives in the Las Vegas area, is a 3.3 percent owner of the company.

State legislation provides for 40 facilities in Clark County, so you know the competition will be fierce. I can’t even imagine what the kickbacks will be like in order to get approved.

Seriously though, this is a great business to be in. I know someone who has a few dispensaries in Colorado and California, and she is just rolling in dough and hardly ever even has to go into the store. Heck, I may even set up a shop. I could dispense weed and blog all day. Me and big Jon together. That would be the life.

Jonathan Ogden Loves His Janet Jackson

Former agent Jonathan Luchs may have shown us the ugly side of paying players, but we sure got at least one prized story out of the piece. Easily the best story within the story was Luchs talking about his time trying to recruit former UCLA offensive lineman Jonathan Ogden who went on to become a star player with the Baltimore Ravens. Brace yourself for brilliance:

I tried to get can’t-miss NFL left tackle prospect Jonathan Ogden as a client, but he wouldn’t take my money. He did, however, go with me to a Janet Jackson concert. My girlfriend got two tickets, and I told her, “Sorry, I need those tickets for J.O. He’s a big Janet Jackson fan.” Instead of going to the concert with my girlfriend, I went with a 6’9″ guy who weighed more than 300 pounds and who screamed “Janet!” the whole night like a teenage girl.

I’ve read that piece over and over and I can’t keep from laughing out loud each time. The imagery is priceless! Now we just need someone with killer photoshop skills to come through with a visual.

Incidentally, if you’re in the Maryland area, Ogden has a boxing charity event next week if you’re so inclined. And now I’ll never think of Ogden the same again.