Jordan Jefferson blames playcalling, lack of adjustments for LSU’s poor showing vs. Alabama

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson had a miserable showing in the National Championship Game against Alabama. The senior went 11/17 for 53 yards, no touchdowns and an interception. The team amassed just five first downs and fewer than 100 total yards in the 21-0 loss. There were cries for Jarrett Lee to replace Jefferson at quarterback.

So what does Jefferson think went wrong? He shared his opinion during an interview on WCNN in Atlanta.

“I think we should’ve spread them out a little bit more, put the ball in different passing areas, use our talent on the receiving side,” Jefferson said. “We had that in as far as play-calling, we just didn’t get to it. It’s a learning situation for us, a learning situation for the LSU football team and I definitely expect to see us back in the championship next year.

“We have great guys in those areas and sometimes we just wonder why we don’t use those guys. But we’re not the one calling the plays. We still have to go out and execute what the coaches and coordinators are calling. We can’t complain as players, but sometimes we do question that.”

Jefferson also says the team failed to make any halftime adjustments.

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Les Miles Stuck with Jordan Jefferson Over Jarrett Lee Because of His Mobility

Jarrett Lee was LSU’s leading passer during the season, throwing for 1,306 yards, 14 touchdowns and three interceptions, but he did not see the field in the National Championship Game. Lee struggled in the November 5th win over Alabama, getting pulled after going 3/7 for 24 yards and two interceptions. Fellow senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson finished the game going 6-10 for 67 yards. He also ran for 43 on 11 carries in the 9-6 victory.

Even though Jefferson was awful against Alabama in the National Championship Game, the first meeting between the teams must have been enough to convince coach Les Miles that Lee was unsuited to face the Crimson Tide. Miles never pulled Jefferson Monday no matter how much the quarterback struggled.

He explained his decision after the loss.

“We felt like with Jordan Jefferson’s feet and ability to move and get out of the rush, it was fair that he finished,” he told ESPN’s Erin Andrews.

Miles repeated the same idea to the rest of the media.

“We did consider Jarrett Lee, but with the pass rush…we needed a mobile quarterback,” Miles said.

The calls for Jarrett Lee to play came during halftime. They were incessant late in the third and fourth quarter when the Tigers weren’t doing much. But I understood why Miles stuck with Jefferson.

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Alleged Video of the LSU Fight

Several LSU football players allegedly were part of a fight outside a bar near campus early Friday morning. The fight sent four people to the hospital, and our friends at Busted Coverage shared a picture of a man allegedly bloodied in the fight. Now 1210 The Score in Baton Rouge passes along what they say is video from the fight. You make the call:

Peter Burns, who shared the video on twitter, points out that you can hear people saying “Jeff, Jeff, 5-0, 5-0.” I can’t confirm if that’s the fight that involved LSU players, but we do know that there is a fight on the street and that someone on the ground is being kicked. Oh yeah, and someone named “Jeff” seems to be involved. That’s probably not going to help quarterback Jordan Jefferson’s case, especially considering many witnesses say he was at the scene of the fight.

Hey LSU fans, Jarrett Lee isn’t that bad, is he?

Jordan Jefferson Calls Thomas Jefferson ‘George’ During Silly Game (Video)

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson visited the ESPN headquarters Thursday in an effort to gain some publicity. The plan worked, but unfortunately the attention received is not for reasons anyone would like.

During a silly “Name that Jefferson” game on SportsCenter, the LSU QB incorrectly identified Founding Father Thomas Jefferson as “George.” Check out this video via YouTube user mikejrtb3:

Good thing Jefferson is a sports administration major (according to his bio) and not a history major, otherwise the shame here would be too strong. As it is, it’s unbelievably embarrassing that a college student could not recognize one of the nation’s Founding Fathers. Sadly, it’s not the first time we’ve seen something this bad from a college football player. I’d love to blame this mistake on Les Miles, but unfortunately Jordan wasn’t on headset otherwise we would.

Now just as long as Jefferson doesn’t backtrack and call this one a “gotcha” question, I’ll be satisfied.

Les Miles Told Jordan Jefferson to Spike the Ball, Then Lied About it

We’ve already covered the Les Miles/LSU screw up to end the Ole Miss game at great lengths. If his mistakes weren’t enough, even google was picking on him calling him an idiot. But making matters worse is that Les Miles lied after the game, denying that the coaches instructed quarterback Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball with one second left. This video proves that Miles lied and that the coaches wanted Jefferson to spike it:

Not fessing up to your mistake after the game is understandable — nobody wants to admit they’re an idiot. But to pass to blame onto your quarterback is flat out disgraceful. I’m glad we have video proof that Miles is the one to blame, not Jefferson, because it properly assigns responsibility. Miles and the LSU coaches were an embarrassment for all coaches everywhere and now we have undeniable proof of their idiocy. Maybe next time Les will learn to tell the truth. I thought he already knew about the importance of doing so.