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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett says beer story should have stayed in the clubhouse

Josh Beckett has finally responded to the Boston Globe story that called out some Red Sox pitchers for their poor clubhouse behavior during games. Appearing on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, Beckett said that what goes on in the clubhouse should stay in the clubhouse. “I think the biggest key is what [Jon] Lester said, we…Read More

Jose Canseco Blackmailing Magglio?

Straight from the YHTBFKM Files comes this story. (hint: you have to be … kidding me). Actually I don’t know why this would come as a surprise when we’re talking about a dude who was so desperate for money he tried to sell himself off as the grand prize in a reality TV show. But…Read More

I Guess Jeff Kent Didn’t do Steroids

He’s just one of those guys — the kind you hate when he’s on the other team, and the kind you, well, begrudgingly accept when he’s on yours. Actually, for my family, it was quite easy to not only accept Jeff Kent, but moreover, embrace him when he came to the Dodgers. The man works…Read More

Josh Beckett Drops F-Bomb on Reporter After Game

Following his Game 5 masterpiece (what else is new?), Beckett cruised to the podium for the usual five minute borefest known as a postgame media conference. Only this one had a little spice to it. Needless to say, his Ozzie Guillen choice of words caught everyone off-guard, and certainly those at ESPNEWS who were broadcasting…Read More

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