Josh Cribbs says goodbye to Cleveland with touching collage (Picture)

Josh Cribbs goodbye

Josh Cribbs said goodbye to the city of Cleveland in about as classy of a manner possible. He (or most likely someone from his camp) put together a collage of images from his time in Cleveland that tell a powerful story.

Cribbs was signed by the Browns in 2005 as an undrafted free agent. He spent eight seasons with the team and made the Pro Bowl twice as a return man. He scored 11 special teams touchdowns for the Browns and nine as a receiver or rusher.

Cribbs was known for playing hard and giving back to the community. He has reportedly agreed to sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

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Josh Cribbs blasts Browns fans

As expected, the Denver Broncos had no issue with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Cleveland fell to 5-10 as its disappointing season continued, and in the process its fans became a tiny bit crankier.

Josh Cribbs apparently heard and saw some of the things that angry Browns fans were saying and writing after the team’s latest loss, and the eight-year veteran took to Twitter to express his displeasure:

Nine months ago, the Browns drafted two players that they hope will become the cornerstones of their franchise in running back Trent Richardson and quarterback Brandon Weeden. This may be a rebuilding season, but Cleveland fans are tired of waiting. The team hasn’t had a winning season since 2007 and has had only three in the last 20 years. They have not appeared in the playoffs since 2002.

Like Cribbs, many players get irritated and make comments like the ones Brian Urlacher made about Chicago Bears fans last week. But if any fanbase deserves to be able to air out their frustrations, it’s the Dawg Pound. It doesn’t take long for losing to get old.

Josh Cribbs gets tackled by his hair against Cowboys (Animated)

Some guys just can’t live without their long hair. I’ve never understood why wide receivers or running backs would want to have long hair, but maybe I just don’t appreciate a good set of dreadlocks the way I should. During the Dallas Cowboys’ overtime win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Josh Cribbs was dragged down by his dreads on what looked like a painful tackle from Cowboys tight end John Phillips.

Cribbs didn’t get it quite as badly as Torrey Smith got it last season, but that still had to hurt. Guys who have long hair are basically giving their opponents permission to horse-collar tackle them, which is against the rules because it’s dangerous. But hey, a personal choice is a personal choice.

Animation via @cjzero

Josh Cribbs’ family wanted him to retire after hard hit from Ravens

Josh Cribbs took a nasty hit while returning a punt in the first quarter of last week’s Browns-Ravens game, and it was so bad it reportedly moved his family to ask him to retire.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Cribbs’ wife and brother both told him he had nothing left to prove and encouraged him to walk away from football to preserve his health.

“Everyone was calling and couldn’t stop crying,” Cribbs told the Plain Dealer. “My brother, who’s the reason why I’m playing football, even he wants me to stop.

“They’re saying, ‘I know you love the game but we don’t want you to play anymore,'” he said of his own family. “They’re like, ‘Family’s more important. You’ve got so many years of your life. You’ve showed enough good football.’

Cribbs returned to practice on Wednesday, six days after suffering a concussion from the hit. His wife reportedly is still concerned about his health.

“She wants me to get a CAT scan, especially with what happened to [former Browns running back Jerome Harrison, who had a brain tumor removed]. I still go over to his house every now and then and talk to him. He’s doing pretty bad. He’s in and out of the hospital with seizures. They just don’t want the same thing to happen to me.”

Cribbs, a two-time Pro Bowl returner, has been playing since 2006. He’s been on the receiving end of hard hits in the past, most notably from former college teammate James Harrison in 2010. He doesn’t seem ready to give it up, but he might want to take his family’s advice and seriously consider it.

James Harrison Knocked Josh Cribbs Out When they were College Teammates

Remember last season when James Harrison came across the field and threw a vicious helmet-to-helmet shot on Josh Cribbs as he was being taken to the ground?  It may be tough to recall any specific instances of cheap shots from Harrison since there have been so many like this one and this one, but the hit on Cribbs was somewhat unique.  As it turns out, it was not the first time Harrison threw a cheap shot on Cribbs.  He also did it when they were college teammates at Kent State — when Cribbs happened to be the quarterback.

“He knocked me out,” Cribbs said according to the Akron Beacon Journal. “Freshman year, the first scrimmage we had — with the red jersey on.”

Cribbs added that once he came to he told Harrison, “Red means stop.”

During a conference call on Tuesday, Harrison said he didn’t remember the specific incident but admitted to doing something of the sort.  When you’ve been disciplined so many times that you actually threaten to retire, the occurrences probably have a way of blending together.

According to Cribbs, Harrison has also cheap-shotted one of his current teammates, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  Josh said he once saw Harrison pick up then-University of Miami (Ohio) quarterback and and body-slam him.  After revealing all these secrets about Harrison’s cheap-shot ridden past, Cribbs then defended his friend.

“That’s what you’ve got to be playing the linebacker position,” he said. “We don’t want the nice guys. He’s a great talent.”

In other words, dirty were a part of James Harrison’s past, they’re a part of his present, and it’s highly like they’ll be a part of his future.

Josh Cribbs Shopping Reality Show About Community Service in Cleveland

When it comes to reality shows, it seems like every other athlete has one. And if they don’t have one, then they’re getting one.

Ochocinco and T.O. have had them, Shaq’s had em, and Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries married into them. But the common thread between all these reality shows is that they’re generally based on the noble societal tenets of gossip and dating. What Cleveland Browns Pro Bowler Josh Cribbs is trying to do is much different.

Cribbs is meeting with the William Morris Agency Thursday to try and market his Project 16 reality show which highlights his community service in Cleveland.

Part of Cribbs plan is “to go beyond the stereotypes and document the hard working people of this city as their hard work and big hearts carry them through these trying economic times. Episode by episode we’ll bring this community one step closer to a modern, vibrant workforce,” Cribbs said about the show.

Some of Cribbs’ actions on the show include showing up at a youth baseball game in Canton, and helping out a young boy who lost his parents.

Typically we don’t like when people do charity work when there’s an audience and TV cameras around, but this seems like a unique idea we can support. We’d much rather see this than all the other garbage that seems to captivate everyone’s attention.

Josh Cribbs on Pranking Naked Rookies

Cleveland Browns all-purpose player and return-man sensation Josh Cribbs is at the Super Bowl holding it down for Yardbarker this week. Though he’s had his struggles on the red carpet, he did take some time to answer questions many YB writers had for him. Midway through this interview with Yardbarker’s Alana G, Cribbs answered a question from yours truly at LBS. Check it out:

It could be much worse, but that’s cold Josh, cold. (literally, you ever step out of a shower without a towel??)