Oregon WR Josh Huff cries on sidelines during game

Oregon Ducks wide receiver Josh Huff was so disheartened by the team’s poor showing at Stanford on Thursday night that he was seen crying on the sidelines early in the fourth quarter when his team was down 26-0. Although the show of emotion was a sign that Huff cares deeply about his team, someone should have reminded him that they still had nearly a full quarter left for a comeback.

Huff later was helped off the field after getting hit. He had 3 catches for 42 yards in the game.

You can see his watery eyes below:

Josh Huff crying

GIF via BuzzFeedSports

Oregon WR Josh Huff rips NCAA for shutting down his birthday party

Josh-Huff-OregonOregon wide receiver Josh Huff is the latest person to go after the NCAA for making money off of college athletes. The senior turned 22 earlier this week, and he was planning to celebrate by throwing a party at school this weekend. However, Huff made the mistake of letting his friends make fliers for the bash. That led to the NCAA shutting it down.

In a lengthy rant on Twitter, Huff explained that he spent $1,500 to put the party together and was planning to charge people a small fee to attend so he could make his money back. The fact that he was collecting money makes it an NCAA no-no.

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