JR Smith out 3-4 months after knee surgery

JR SmithJR Smith will need 3-4 months to recover from knee surgery, and he may not be ready at the start of training camp, the New York Knicks announced on Monday.

Smith re-signed with the Knicks on a four-year, $24.7 million deal earlier this month. He had patella tendon surgery and an arthroscopic procedure for a tear of the lateral meniscus in his left knee, the team said.

The Knicks said on Twitter that Smith’s knee problems were chronic and gradually worsened during the season, so they weren’t surprised that the shooting guard needed surgery. They say Smith is expected to be out 12-16 weeks.

You might wonder why the Knicks would sign Smith to such a contract knowing that he had knee problems, and that is a good point. Maybe they figure he should not miss any games and that he will come back better than he was. If I were Smith, I definitely would not rush it; you don’t want to come back before a knee has healed from an operation and then suffer setbacks, which would prolong the recovery. And there actually might be a semi-bright side to this news for Knicks fans; maybe the bad knee is to blame for Smith’s poor shooting performances in the playoffs, not too much clubbing like Rihanna suggested.

Did JR Smith hint that he is leaving Knicks?

Did J.R. Smith hint that he is planning to leave the New York Knicks, or is he only messing with his Twitter followers?

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year tweeted an ominous message on Friday that seemed to imply that he was leaving the team:

Knowing that his tweet would cause a stir, Smith quickly sent a followup note:

JR SmithSmith is coming off arguably the best season of his career. He averaged a career-best 18.1 points per game as the Knicks’ sixth man. He officially opted out of his contract with the Knicks — he had a $2.9 million player option — to become a free agent. Teams like the Bucks and Pistons are among the many franchises reportedly interested in Smith. The Knicks also may have drafted some insurance on Thursday when they selected Tim Hardaway Jr. in the draft.

Two years ago, Reggie Bush sent a very similar tweet after the New Orleans Saints drafted Mark Ingram. He ended up released and signed with the Miami Dolphins. Perhaps Smith is on his way out of New York.

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Just JR Smith, Al Harrington and Jonah Hill hanging out

JR Smith Al Harrington Jonah Hill

What can you really say about this photo? I can’t even think of a more unlikely combination of dudes hanging out, much less running into each other. But, hey, in LA, anything is possible.

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith was hanging out in LA over the weekend when he and his crew ran into actor Jonah Hill. They took this photo by a gas station in front of Hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills.

From left to right, you’re looking at: Smith’s brother, Chris, also a basketball player; Al Harrington, Smith’s former Denver Nuggets teammate; Hill; JR Smith; rapper BWS Red Angel; and another guy.

“out chere gas station posted with @teamswish @bucketz7 @redangelbws #JonahHill @3_chrissmith #LA” says the caption to the photo.

So, what are the odds JR’s crew slipped Hill a Geoffrey? I mean who could be scared of a Geoffrey? Geoffrey’s just a bloke from down the road, isn’t he?

Photo: Instagram/Eshonino

JR Smith reportedly will sign four-year extension with Knicks

JR Smith KnicksJR Smith said after the New York Knicks lost to the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs on Saturday that he wants to retire as a Knick. We can’t say whether or not he’ll be able to fulfill that wish, but it does look like he’ll be able to remain with the team for a while.

The New York Post’s Marc Berman reports that Smith is expected to opt out of his current contract to sign a four-year extension with the team. Berman says that the team could offer Smith around $5 million per season because of their Early Bird rights to him, though we do not know if another team will be able to offer Smith more. Berman also says that Smith and his brother, Chris, who played at Louisville, will be a package deal. Chris Smith was undrafted but played on the Knicks’ Summer League team. He got hurt and was waived before training camp.

The Post also says that Chris Smith has changed agents to Carmelo Anthony’s agent, for what that’s worth.

Chris Smith seems pretty excited about the potential package deal:

JR Smith played part of 2011-2012 in China after signing there during the lockout. He returned and played the remainder of the season with the Knicks, but he did not receive much free agent interest. He signed a two-year deal for worth around $2.8 million per season prior to this season, and he was named Sixth Man of the Year.

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JR Smith responds to Rihanna club claims with ‘Men in Black’ meme

JR Smith Men in Black

JR Smith responded to all the Rihanna gossip by posting a “Men in Black” meme to his Instagram account on Friday.

The meme shows Will Smith’s character in “Men in Black” holding up a neuralyzer, which is a tool he and Tommy Lee Jones’ character use in the movie series to erase the memory of subjects by flashing a light in their eyes.

Smith and Rihanna were rumored to be dating a year ago. The rumors flared up again last week after the two were photographed nearby each other at a club.

It’s not clear whether Smith meant he wanted to use a neuralyzer on Rihanna to erase her memory of their relationship, or on all the club-goers who have ratted him out for partying.

Rihanna responded to a fan on Thursday by saying Smith is performing poorly in the playoffs because he’s hungover from partying at clubs every night. Before the Knicks’ 85-75 Game 5 win over the Pacers, Smith dismissed the questions about Rihanna. He went 4-for-11 and had 13 points. He is shooting 29.3 percent for the series.

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Photo: Instagram/JR Smith

Rihanna: JR Smith slumping because he’s hungover from partying in clubs

JR Smith Rihanna

J.R. Smith has been shooting the ball terribly during the playoffs, and Rihanna says that’s because the New York Knicks guard is hungover from partying in clubs every night.

Smith shot the ball well in Games 2 and 3 of the Knicks-Boston Celtics series, which the Knicks won in six games. He went 13-of-27 (48 percent) including 4-9 (44 percent) on 3-pointers those two games. But after being suspended for Game 4 of the series for his elbow to Jason Terry in Game 3, Smith began shooting terribly.

Smith has shot an abysmal 28.6 percent from the field since Game 5 against the Celtics. No surprise, New York has struggled accordingly and only gone 2-4 in those playoff games. Now Rihanna has an explanation for his struggles.

Smith and Rihanna were rumored to have been dating last year. The gossip about them picked up again last week after they were pictured partying at the same club. Rihanna also confirmed she broke up with Chris Brown.

The singer posted a photo to her popular Instagram account on Thursday and must have received a comment from a Knicks fan who goes by @peruvian_gawd on Instagram. She responded to him with the message below where she says Smith is screwing up because he’s hungover from partying at clubs every night:

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JR Smith responds to partying rumors, takes shot at bandwaggon fans

JR SmithJR Smith took aim at some fans following the New York Knicks’ 102-95 loss to the Indiana Pacers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night.

Rumors circulated late Saturday/early Sunday that Smith, who by his own admission has partied too much in the past, was out at a club late into the evening.

A tweet sent from The 40/40 Club in New York said Smith was in attendance:

Smith shot 4-for-15 in the loss, and some were attributing his sub-par game to his alleged partying. He addressed that matter over Twitter:

Smith then took a broader swipe at fans by accusing them of being disloyal. He then shared a photo of a humorous “official NBA bandwaggon transferral form” on Instagram:

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