Justin Bieber mugshot is classic


Justin Bieber was arrested for driving while under the influence on Thursday morning after police pulled him over for drag racing. There are plenty of entertaining elements to the story, like the fact that he was reportedly driving with a suspended license and resisted arrest by keeping his hands in his pockets. But the best part has to be the mugshot that came out of it.

The mugshot is classic Bieber, with the pop star’s pearly whites showing and his hair spiked up in ridiculous fashion. Given the way we saw him dress at a Miami Heat game, it does not surprise us at all.

Also, Bieber was supposedly driving around with DeSean Jackson’s ex-girlfriend at the time of his arrest. Come on, Chantel — you can do better than that.

Photo via Twitter/Alex DiPrato

Justin Bieber reportedly with DeSean Jackson’s ex Chantel Jeffries at time of DUI arrest


Justin Bieber was reportedly arrested in Miami Beach early Thursday morning for drag racing and driving while under the influence. TMZ reported that Bieber was pulled over for driving recklessly and officers suspected he might be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI and resisting arrest without violence. He was also supposedly driving with a suspended license.

The story became more interesting when we learned that Bieber was reportedly with model Chantel Jeffries, the ex-girlfriend of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, at the time of his arrest. Earlier in the night, Bieber posted the photo you see above on Instagram with the caption, “@chanteljeffries taking me for a ride in the lambo.”

Bieber later deleted the photo. However, rapper Khalil — the person Bieber was allegedly drag racing against — still has this photo up on his Instagram account:

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Hey Genie Bouchard, Justin Bieber may want to date you back

Genie-BouchardGenie Bouchard has been one of the biggest stories at this year’s Australian Open. The 19-year-old women’s tennis star beat Ana Ivanovic in three sets on Tuesday to advance to the semifinals of the tournament. After the match, she fielded a question from a reporter about which celebrity she’d like to date. Bouchard confessed that it was Justin Bieber.

The crowd gave a collective grumble and moan that Bouchard is interesting in going on a date with this guy, but she should be glad she said something. According to TMZ, Bieber has watched the video and is flattered. He supposedly told his friends that he wants to get in touch with Genie as soon as possible.

Of course, Bieber could simply be being a nice guy. Although given some of the ridiculous trouble he has gotten into lately, we’re pretty confident saying the Biebs spends most of his time looking out for himself. Maybe he really does want to date Genie. We still think she can do better.

Genie Bouchard would like to date Justin Bieber (Video)

19-year-old Genie Bouchard has been one of the biggest stories on the women’s side of the Australian Open. The Canadian youngster advanced to the semifinals of the tournament by coming back to beat Ana Ivanovic in three sets in Melbourne on Tuesday.

After the match, Bouchard, who has gained many male fans during her run, was asked in her on-court interview with 7 Sports which celebrity she’d like to date. Bouchard was totally embarrassed by the line of questioning, but she did manage to sheepishly provide an answer.

“Justin Bieber,” she said.

Bouchard’s answer was not taken well by the fans, who mostly groaned or booed.

Bouchard was asked what she’d say to him if he were watching, and she gave a cute, flirty wave and smile:

Genie Bouchard

Look, Genie, you’re 19, emerging, and you look like the next big thing in women’s tennis. I want to like you. I really do. But despite being Canadian and all, you could not have given a worse answer. I mean Justin Bieber? You really like this guy?

Ex-NFL safety Jordan Babineaux: ‘I’d kick Justin Bieber’s ass, give him a wedgie

Justin-Bieber-sunglassesJustin Bieber made headlines once again for being a bad neighbor over the weekend after he allegedly egged his neighbor’s house and caused roughly $20,000 in damage. According to TMZ, Bieber was caught on camera throwing eggs and told his neighbor to ‘f— off’ when he was confronted. Police could end up filing vandalism charges against the pop star.

On Tuesday, one of TMZ’s reporters caught up with former Seattle Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux and asked him about Bieber’s alleged antics. Babineaux said he would kick Bieber’s — or “Beaver” as he called him — ass rather than involving the police.

“I’d kick his little ass,” Babineaux said. “I’d give him a wedgie and throw him in the pool. He don’t need to be arrested, he just needs his ass kicked.”

Bieber is not well-liked among retired NFL stars. Back in May, he was confronted by Keyshawn Johnson for driving too fast through their upscale Calabasas neighborhood. Former NFL running back Eric Dickerson, who lives in the same neighborhood, later agreed that Bieber needs to “slow his ass down.”

As a side note, I don’t really understand how eggs can cause $20,000 worth of damage to a house. But since it’s Bieber, they can call it $100,000 for all I care. Not that he’s going to get in trouble anyway.

Chicago Blackhawks fans get revenge by standing on Justin Bieber’s face


Justin Bieber infuriated thousands of Chicago Blackhawks fans earlier this month while taking pictures of the Stanley Cup before a show at the United Center. Bieber stood on the Blackhawks team logo in their locker room, which is a big no-no and a sign of disrespect in the NHL. The general consensus is that the Canadian-born Bieber should have known that.

Over the weekend, a group of outraged Blackhawks fans took revenge into their own hands at the team’s annual fan convention. Chris Wilkerson, Mark Wegener and Josh Kaye came up with the idea of starting a Twitter account called @StandOnBieber and bringing a giant cutout of Bieber’s face to the convention. You can probably guess what’s coming next.

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Boston Bruins didn’t rope off their logo to protect it from Justin Bieber


As it turns out, the Boston Bruins did not execute one of the funniest sports jokes of the year before Justin Bieber performed at the TD Garden on Saturday night. Like several other sites, we were tricked by a photoshop job that made it look like the Bruins roped off their locker room logo so Bieber wouldn’t step on it like he did with the Chicago Blackhawks’ logo earlier this month.

A reader named Derek pointed out to us that the photo was taken by a fan during some sort of locker room tour in 2012. Apparently the Bruins wanted to stop fans from stepping on the logo then, but Bieber never even made his way into their locker room on Saturday. Here is the original photo, which was obviously cropped:

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