Keith Bulluck: Chris Johnson has always been a ‘me’ guy as a player

Chris Johnson TitansFormer longtime Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck says running back Chris Johnson is a “me” person as a player and never takes the blame for things that go wrong.

Bulluck was appearing during his weekly guest spot on “The Midday 180″ on WGFX Thursday and was asked by host Paul Kuharsky about Johnson not taking the time to introduce himself to new head coach Ken Whisenhunt. Kuharsky had an agenda there and thinks Johnson should reach out to the new coaches, even if Johnson is likely to be released by the team. Bulluck agreed and then went into an analysis of Johnson’s personality.

“Even if I’m not going to be on the team, just to meet him. It’s just professionalism. But, I will say, different strokes for different folks. Some people are too cool for school, some people don’t get it, they don’t get how things work. You know, CJ’s been there a while. You guys have been covering him, you know what type of person he is.

“He’s a friend of mine but when it comes to athlete, he’s a ‘me’ person. He’s a ‘me’ person when it comes to the athlete. For the years that he’s been there, it’s never been his fault why he didn’t have a good running game or why he didn’t have a good game. It was always somebody else’s fault. I’m not surprised that CJ hasn’t come in to even meet coach or see what’s going on in general. I’m not surprised by that.”

Bulluck insists that he is friends with Johnson and wasn’t trying to bash his former teammate. He even responded to someone on Twitter who made that accusation.

The assessment from Bulluck isn’t at all surprising. Johnson said in December that there was no way he would take a pay cut to stay with the Titans, which is totally fine. But he absolutely has been a me-guy on the field. He was upset when the Titans signed another running back last year. He’s blamed his offensive line for his struggles. And he said he didn’t do so well last season because of his meniscus injury.

It always does seem to be someone else’s fault. And how much of a me-first guy is Johnson? He once said he preferred the Hall of Fame to a Super Bowl ring.

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Keith Bulluck: LeSean McCoy Is an ‘Internet Gangster’

New York Giants linebacker Keith Bulluck is the latest to chime in on the Giants-Eagles saga between LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyiora. To recap what happened, McCoy responded to a report that Umenyiora wants a new contract by saying Osi is soft and the third best lineman on the Giants. That didn’t sit well with Umenyiora who fired back by calling McCoy a “chihuahua” and saying the Giants nicknamed him “Lady Gaga.” Now one of his teammates has joined the fray.

Appearing on NFL Network, Bulluck was asked some questions about twitter and the McCoy-Umenyiora beef. That’s when he worked in the “internet gangster” line.

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Titans Say Patriots Were Running up Score to Raise Their BCS Ranking

The Patriots offense took off Sunday in a lopsided 59-0 win over the Titans in the snow at Gillette Stadium. For the first time all year, New England resembled its 2007 record-breaking offense by throwing for 432 yards (380 by Tom Brady) and six touchdowns. While I was plenty happy to see Brady go off (I have him and Wes Welker in one fantasy league and Randy Moss in the Yardbarker Coors Light League), I have to say I thought it was the wrong move to send Brady out their to start the second half despite already being up 45-0. The Titans had already cheap-shotted Brady with a helmet-to-helmet hit and Tom had already thrown for five touchdowns. What more was there to accomplish aside from injury? Jeff Fisher says he wasn’t bothered because the entire objective of an offense is to score points. That may be what he’s saying publicly but his thoughts have to be much different privately. Just listen to his Pro Bowl linebacker, Keith Bulluck:

“Ah man, it felt like they were trying to raise their rank in the BCS. But honestly and truthfully, I would expect in anything else. I definitely wouldn’t have expected anything else. It’s not their fault we weren’t matching up today. That’s sports.”

That might be the justification but when you look at it, there’s no reason to send Tom Brady out there and have him risk ANYTHING when the team already has a blowout going and Brady’s already racked up the stats. Makes you really wonder what Belichick was trying to accomplish. What we do know is that the 59 point margin is the largest since 1976. Couldn’t the Titans at least have gotten a few pity touchdowns at the end to save face? Guess not. The Titans will definitely be pissed when these teams meet again and they’ll be out for vengeance.