Keith Price pass overturned, ruled incomplete to end Washington’s hopes (Video)

Washington’s comeback bid at Stanford came up short on Saturday after a fourth-down pass from Keith Price was overturned and ruled incomplete in the final two minutes.

Washington was trailing Stanford 31-28 and got the ball back at their 33 with 1:51 left following a Stanford punt. Price completed his first pass to move the Huskies to the Cardinal 49, but his next three attempts were incompletions. On 4th and 10, Price avoided trouble and scrambled to his left and found Kevin Smith, who made a diving catch for a first down. The play was initially ruled a catch, but the officials reviewed the call and determined the ball hit the ground first, making it an incompletion. Stanford got the ball back and ran out the clock to secure the win.

Washington fans will have a hard time with that call being overturned. You can see a GIF of the play and freeze frame below to help make your determination:

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Washington QB Keith Price Gives Smoke a Joint Signal to Receiver (Video)

When you think about quarterbacks changing plays at the line of scrimmage and signaling every which way with their hands, Peyton Manning is probably the first guy that comes to mind.  Manning and his receivers have countless different hand signals that they use depending on what Peyton sees in the defense when he steps to the line of scrimmage.  We may have missed it, but I don’t ever remember him flashing a sign at a receiver that looks like he’s taking a rip of a joint.  Washington quarterback Keith Price, however, does have that signal in his arsenal.  Check out the “smoke” signal Price gave to one of his receivers against Oregon last weekend.

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