Kelly Pavlik Drinking Again? Police Called for Alcohol-Fueled Fight at Parents’ House

Boxer Kelly Pavlik appears to be drinking again, and that’s not a good thing. The Youngstown Vindicator says police filed a report regarding a fight that allegedly took place between Kelly Pavlik and his brother Michael at their parents’ home Friday night. The report says both men were drinking at the time of the incident.

Here’s what they say happened:

According to police, Kelly, after exchanging words with Michael, “punched the west-facing side door of the home and pulled his brother, Michael, out of the broken window.”

Reports say officers found glass to have been broken and blood on nearby steps. Michael Pavlik, police said, appeared to have minor cuts to his arms and hands, but told officers at the scene that he did not need an ambulance or medical attention.

Given that Michael does not plan to press charges, you may be wondering what makes this a significant story. The reason is because Pavlik has had trouble with alcohol abuse. He spent a good amount of time in rehab last year and was released in January after two months of treatment.

A once promising prospect in the sport, Pavlik hasn’t been the same since losing to Bernard Hopkins in 2008. He returned to the ring in May and beat Alfonso Lopez, and his next fight is scheduled for August 6th against Darryl Cunningham.

Glove touch to Boxing Scene

UPDATE: Pavlik says he wasn’t drinking.

Kelly Pavlik Comes Off as Poor Sport, Drops S-Bomb in Interview

I already expressed how surprised I was to see Bernard Hopkins administer such a butt whopping on Kelly Pavlik. Hopkins seems to be using his strong performance as a spring board for more fights in the future. And from the sounds of things according to Pavlik, weight seemed to be his biggest issue, though he doesn’t directly admit it. Check out this post-fight interview where Pavlik comes off as a poor sport. Ear muff it too in the beginning if you want to avoid the profanity.

Just saying “it wasn’t him” and that he wasn’t tired is hard to believe for anyone who watched the fight. It’s not that he’s that good? He lost to Jermain Taylor twice? OK, so where were you then? Boxing doesn’t exactly seem to me like pitching where sometimes you have your stuff and sometimes you don’t. Either you can beat someone or you don’t — simple as that.

Bernard Hopkins Proves at 43 He Can Still Beat a White Boy Like Kelly Pavlik

It was just six months ago that Bernard Hopkins was forced to eat his words upon losing to Joe Calzaghe. Hopkins declared pre-fight that he would never let a white boy beat him. Then he went out and lost the fight. Half a year later he was the underdog by most accounts in a fight with the much younger Kelly Pavlik. Funny thing happened though: Hopkins destroyed Pavlik. The Old Man dominated the fight in Atlantic City from the start and it could be argued he never even lost a round. Already well past 40, Hopkins says he might be approaching Evander Old Field territory:

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