Knicks reportedly think Derek Fisher could help them get Kevin Durant

Kevin DurantTeams are dreaming big about the possibility of landing free agents. You have the Lakers who reportedly are delaying their coaching search because they have aspirations of getting someone like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. You have the Miami Heat who are talking about landing ‘Melo (which actually seems like a realistic possibility). You have Phil Jackson trying to convince ‘Melo to stick with the Knicks so they can build around him.

But this may be the most laughable scenario of all.

In a story about ‘Melo’s potential free agency, ESPN’s Marc Stein throws in one amusing nugget:

The Knicks, sources say, expect to be a contender for Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant when he is projected to become a free agent in July 2016 and believe their chances will be enhanced by the presence of Fisher, one of Durant’s favorite teammates with the Thunder.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t laugh about this. The NBA will look a lot different in two years, so a lot can happen between now and then. But who among us actually believes the Knicks are going to be good and an appealing option for Durant? Maybe having Fisher will get them an extra look, but I just cannot envision Durant going to the Knicks. No way. And while we’re at it, I’d be pretty surprised if Fisher were still the Knicks’ coach after two seasons.

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Kevin Durant: The Game is lying about $20k bet (Video)

Kevin Durant says The Game is lying about him losing a $20,000 bet over a basketball shot the rapper made over the weekend.

Kevin Durant ThunderThe Game posted a video on Instagram showing him swishing an NBA-distance 3-pointer on a tennis court. In his caption for the picture, The Game said that he won a bet with Durant by making the shot and that KD now has to donate $20,000 to the rapper’s AAU team, Frogg All-Stars. The other term of the bet is that KD has to play on The Game’s Drew League basketball team, La Familia. The Drew League is a legendary Los Angeles pro-am league where several notable current and former players ball.

But the Slim Reaper says that’s all B.S.

TMZ caught up with Durant after a recent workout he had and the Oklahoma City Thunder baller denied that he lost a wager to The Game, even saying that The Game was lying.

Of course, whoever recorded that video for TMZ couldn’t have had more inconsiderate timing, as they caught Durant when he was out of breath and totally gassed. Can’t you at least let the guy recover before you hound him?

Russell Westbrook tells Kevin Durant to ‘wake up’ during Game 2 (Video)

The Oklahoma City Thunder minus Serge Ibaka have been no match for the San Antonio Spurs through two games of the Western Conference finals. That has been evident.

During the middle of the team’s blowout loss in Game 2 on Wednesday, Russell Westbrook did his best to try getting MVP Kevin Durant going.

Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant wake upRuss was seen pointing to his head and repeatedly telling the Slim Reaper to “wake up.” Durant was 6-of-16 for 15 points with 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 29 minutes. It was hardly the type of performance that made him MVP. Westbrook put up even more of a stinker, going 7-of-24 from the field.

Westbrook talked after the game about all the points in the paint the Thunder allowed and admitted they missed Ibaka. According to ESPN’s stats, the Spurs have scored 120 points in the paint — 51 percent of all their points — while shooting 67 percent in the paint.

We don’t post this to show in an effort to show that Westbrook and Durant aren’t getting along, but to show how frustrated things are for them. It’s obvious they’re not the same without Serge.

San Antonio won 112-77 two days after winning 122-105 in Game 1. Maybe things will get better for OKC at home, but things aren’t looking too good for them right now.

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Kevin Durant got a technical foul for doing this (GIF)

Kevin-Durant-technicalKevin Durant was called for a pretty crucial technical foul during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night. Durant was called for a blocking foul against Danny Green early in the fourth quarter, and he was clearly upset with the call. He reacted by punching the air in disgust and was T’ed up.

Was that enough for a technical? It didn’t look like Durant said anything other than “damn,” and you can understand the frustration. The Thunder were trailing by seven at the time and the foul helped San Antonio slowly pull away.

There are two ways of looking at it. On one hand, Durant has to know to keep his composure in such a big game. On the other, do officials really need to be calling those types of technicals in the fourth quarter of a playoff game? I suppose it’s a matter of personal opinion.

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Kevin Durant gave his shoes to Bubba Watson (Video)

Kevin-Durant-Bubba-Watson-shoesAfter scoring 39 points and grabbing 16 rebounds in a Game 6 series-clinching win over the Los Angeles Clippers Thursday night, Kevin Durant decided to take his shoes off and give them to an admiring fan. Some of you may have recognized that fan as two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson.

According to Jeff Rude of Golfweek, Watson has recently become friends with Durant and LeBron James. The relationships began over Twitter and have since progressed to text messaging, which in 2014 is pretty serious business.

“Obviously that’s a big deal for me,” Watson told Rude.

Watson said he began messaging with Durant after the infamous “Mr. Unreliable” headline was printed by The Oklahoman. Durant has since gone ballistic and has carried the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals.

“I sent some messages back to Kevin Durant, when that article came out, or the headline came out, which was one of the dumbest headlines I’ve ever seen,” Watson told Golf Channel’s Jason Sobel earlier this month. “I guess it worked, because it inspired him a little bit, or maybe it’s my text message that inspired him. We’ll go with that.”

Bubba obviously inspired Durant enough that Durant wanted to give him his sneakers, which is all that really matters.

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Kevin Durant pulls off funny flop against Clippers (Video)

Kevin Durant flopIn addition to NBA MVP, we can now add “world-class flopper” to Kevin Durant’s basketball resume.

During the second quarter of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Clippers and Thunder on Wednesday, Durant was trying to chase his man around a pick but ran into a wall named DeAndre Jordan. After losing JJ Redick, Durant decided to flop and act as if he had been zapped by a cattle prod.

Redick missed the shot anyhow, but something tells us KD may be hearing from the league for reasons other than them finding out where they should mail him his MVP trophy.

Best flop since Jerome Simpson against the Cleveland Browns? I think so.

This amazing Kevin Durant MVP speech will make you cry (Video)

Kevin DurantKevin Durant won his first career NBA MVP award, and he celebrated the occasion with a Hall of Fame-worthy acceptance speech.

Rather than make the speech about him, Durant continued to be every bit as selfless as he’s been throughout his career by making the speech about everyone who has helped him.

He went through each of his teammates one-by-one and thanked them individually for what they’ve done for him and shared what they meant to him. He thanked all of his friends personally. He thanked everyone on the assistant staff. He thanked his coaches and front office. And then the tears really came when he thanked his mother, Wanda, for being the true MVP for raising him and his brother despite being a single mom with two children at 21.

If seeing Wanda get emotional didn’t make you cry, you probably don’t have a heart.

Kevin Durant mom

The true emotion and the genuine gratefulness Durant had made the speech incredibly special.

There were also two notable aspects of the speech for true basketball fans. KD defended and praised head coach Scott Brooks and running mate Russell Westbrook. That was significant because both figures are frequently criticized. Russ was the last teammate Durant mentioned in his list of thank-yous. Here’s what he said:

And here’s the part where Durant thanked his mother. Try not to cry here: