Knicks targeting Kevin Love for 2015

Kevin LoveKevin Love is off to a great start this season and has reminded teams how much of a game-changer he can be. Whether they needed the reminder or not, the New York Knicks reportedly have decided that they want to make a big push for Love in 2015.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Love will almost assuredly opt out of his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2015, and that the Knicks will be waiting.

Here’s what Woj reports:

The Knicks are sold on Love in 2015, sources tell Yahoo Sports, and they’ve already begun devising a strategy to lure him when the time comes.

That is a year and a half away, so a lot can change before then. First up for the Knicks will be seeing what happens with Carmelo Anthony, who seems to have interest in potentially going to the Los Angeles Lakers. But Love is a fantastic player who many teams will pursue. I just don’t think he’s dumb enough to go to the dysfunctional Knicks. There will be plenty of other attractive options.

Kevin Love says NBA GMs gave him the ‘white guy award’

Kevin-Love-TimberwolvesNBA.com’s annual GM survey was released earlier this week, with LeBron James running away with most of the individual player awards. Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love also took home a couple of honors, if you want to call them that.

For starters, Love was named the league’s best offensive rebounder, receiving 41.4% of the overall vote. He also finished No. 1 for a question that read, “Which player makes the most of limited natural ability?” Love had some fun with taking home that award.


It should be noted that Matt Bonner finished third for that question, while Spain’s Marc Gasol finished second. Love has shown us that he has little filter when it comes to tweeting in the past, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see him joking around like that. Personally, I found it hilarious.

Kevin Love wonders if Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen is going off the wagon now

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love is one of the most entertaining athletes to follow on Twitter. But on Thursday night, he may have crossed the line with a tweet about Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen.

Mario Chalmers BirdmanLove was essentially just saying what a lot of people were thinking, but it’s not a bright idea for him to be the one to put it into words. As you may know, Birdman was banned from the NBA for two years starting in 2006 after he failed a drug test for using what are termed “drugs of abuse” by the league. While it is unclear which drug or drugs Birdman was using, we do know that amphetamines, cocaine, opiates and PCP fall under that umbrella.

Prior to getting into drugs, Birdman admitted that he had a drinking problem. He was reinstated in 2008 after serving his two-year suspension and has by all indications gotten his career back on track. His story has served as an inspiration for many people who are fighting addiction, so Love’s joke was in poor taste.

Unlike the Texas Rangers who celebrated with ginger ale a few years ago so Josh Hamilton could participate, the Miami Heat had plenty of alcohol flowing in the locker room on Thursday night. Of course, that hardly means Birdman fell off the wagon during the festivities. The only thing he’s guilty of is posing for this epic photo.

Kevin Love stands by his comments about the Timberwolves

As you might expect, the Minnesota Timberwolves were not thrilled with most of the Kevin Love quotes that were published in Tuesday’s Yahoo! Sports feature story on him. Love has been critical of the organization in the past, and that continued with many of the things he told Adrian Wojnarowski.

On Wednesday, Love stood by the things he said in the interview but claimed there were a lot of positive things he said about the Timberwolves that were not printed. He also admitted he wishes he kept the thoughts to himself.

“I meant what I said, I told (Timberwolves owner David Kahn) there’s nothing to apologize about,” Love said according to the Star Tribune. “The only thing I was sorry about is that I did it in public and if there’s a learning expereince from that, it’s not to do that again.

“A lot of athletes these days say the right thing and aren’t outspoken. I happen to be in this article. I’m not going to go forward and say I have anything to apologize about. I said what I felt. I didn’t mean to alienate my team, my coaches, the organization or more importantly the fans…I said a lot of things about the team and where we’re at this point and I’ll continue to say it throughout the year because that’s how I feel.”

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Kevin Love: Timberwolves ‘hurt’ me by questioning if injury was legitimate

The more he speaks, the more Kevin Love sounds like a superstar who is on borrowed time with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s no secret that Love is upset with the direction of the Timberwolves, who have had seven straight losing seasons and have not made the playoffs since 2003. In addition, the All-Star forward was offended when some people within the organization expressed doubt over how he broke his hand.

“Even people in my own organization were asking if it was a legitimate injury, people calling my honesty and integrity into question,” Love told Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. “And that’s what really hurt me.”

Love reportedly injured his hand during a round of knuckle pushups, causing him to miss the first nine games of the season. Apparently management felt as though he could be lying, which may have strained Love’s relationship with the group he already holds bitterness toward because of their decision to not offer him a max contract.

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Larry Fitzgerald shaves Kevin Love’s head to support breast cancer (Video)

Kevin Love shaved his head in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this week and had Larry Fitzgerald do the buzzing. As you can see from the video above that SI Hot Clicks passed along, Love and Fitzgerald teamed up to show their support for patients who have had to endure chemotherapy. It would have been nice to see Fitzy lose the dreads, but we’ll have to settle for a bald Love.

In addition to turning himself into a cue ball, Love and Fitzgerald will be donating 25 cents to breast cancer charities for every retweet or Facebook like the video gets. If you’d like to participate, you can retweet it using this link or share the video above on your Facebook page or Twitter.

The bald look doesn’t work too badly for Kevin, but if he brought back the killer mustache he had in the Spring he could really complete the image.

Kevin Love reportedly broke his hand doing knuckle pushups

Kevin Love has had an injury-ridden preseason thus far, and the latest will result in him missing a good portion of the regular season. Earlier this week, Love had to sit out a preseason game against the Bulls because he was battling a sore elbow after sleeping the wrong way. Then he broke his hand. That injury also occurred off the court, and Love is expected to miss five to eight weeks because of it.

According to Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press, Love broke his hand while doing knuckle pushups. He was supposedly working out with a trainer at his condo complex before Timberwolves practice when the injury occurred.

Krawczynski also said that head coach Rick Adelman joked that knuckle pushups are now banned as a form of exercise. While Adelman was kidding, he has to be disappointed that his best player suffered an injury like that so close to the season and it didn’t even happen on the court. Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune said that fingertip pushups are a known part of Love’s workout routine, so the story makes sense.

As we know, things happen. Assuming love is telling the truth, you can’t be upset with him in the same way you would with someone who broke their hand by punching a door or suffered a gnarly gash like this one from slamming a fire extinguisher. Accidents happen — this one just happens to hurt Minnesota in a serious way.

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