Kevin Prince Boateng kicks ball at fans and walks off field because of racist chants; match is canceled (Video)

Kevin-Prince-Boateng-leaves-fieldAC Milan star Kevin Prince Boateng walked off the field on Thursday in the middle of a match against fourth-division side Pro Patria after allegedly becoming fed up with racist chants from fans. Boateng angrily picked the ball up, kicked it toward the stands, took his jersey off and walked off the field.

According to The Independent, players from both sides tried to calm Boateng down before eventually joining him and walking off the pitch. Many of the fans in attendance applauded as the game was canceled. After the game, Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri expressed his disappointment over the incident and apologized to the fans who acted responsibly.

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Did too Much Sex with Melissa Satta Lead to Kevin-Prince Boateng’s Injury?

A.C. Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng is out with a thigh injury sustained last weekend against Inter and is likely to miss four weeks. The Italian press and fans are giggling over a recent interview by his girlfriend and are wondering if too much sex has led to his injuries.

SI model Melissa Satta, who is dating Boateng, told Vanity Fair that she likes to have sex 7-10 times per week. She also told them her preferred sex position is on top.

Naturally it’s led to questions if all the sex has led to leg injuries for Boateng. After all, didn’t Lawrence Taylor used to send hookers to the rooms of opposing running backs before games to tire out their legs? And if sex led to an injury for Boateng, he wouldn’t be the first athlete we’ve covered who got hurt during sex.

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Kevin Prince Boateng Breaks Out Michael Jackson Dance (Video)

Over the last month or so, it has become pretty clear that Michael Jackson is an important figure in the world of professional soccer. Why? I really couldn’t tell you. First, we showed you this strange statue that was unveiled outside Fulham FC’s College Stadium, apparently because Fulman’s owner was friends with the King of Pop.  It didn’t stop there. When AC Milan won the Italian soccer title on Saturday, M.J. made his way into their celebration in a big way.  Check out the Kevin Prince Boateng Michael Jackson dance video, courtesy of Deadspin:

Does it make sense? Not really. Is it a tremendous Michael Jackson impersonation? I don’t think you can really argue that it isn’t. That moonwalk is pretty legit. Props to Boateng (I guess?).