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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Articles tagged: Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner: Eli Manning is not a Hall of Famer yet

Many people feel that with Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer now that he’s won two Super Bowl two rings. Former Super Bowl champion and two-time MVP quarterback Kurt Warner says not so fast. “I fully disagree with that,” Warner said during an interview with Burns & Gambo on Sports 620 in Phoenix. “I…Read More

Ken Whisenhunt Was Offering Kurt Warner the Brett Favre Deal

The biggest story in the NFL last week was the announcement by Kurt Warner that he would retire, ending his 12-year career. With the way he played this past season — 3,753 yards, 26 touchdowns, a division title and a playoff game victory — it was a mild surprise to see him hang them up…Read More

The Hit that Ended Kurt Warner’s Career

Calling this play the “hit that ended Kurt Warner’s career” might be premature but it likely is the hit that ended Arizona’s season. As mentioned two weeks ago when Ole Miss played in the Cotton Bowl and Jevan Snead got crushed after a turnover, defensive players love interceptions because it gives them a chance to…Read More

Kurt Warner Actually Says God Told Him to Sign with Arizona

When I first called for the Cardinals to stop screwing around and get Kurt Warner signed already, we joked around that the lord had told him he deserved a raise and that he should use the 49ers for leverage. Well, turns out we weren’t too far from the truth. Check out this beauty that Warner…Read More

Cardinals Need to Stop Messing Around, Sign Kurt Warner Already

Although I made the point around Super Bowl time that I don’t think Kurt Warner’s a Hall of Famer yet, I still recognize that he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He took the team to the Super Bowl, stepped ut up in the playoffs, and clearly outplayed Matt Leinart in the pre-season…Read More

Kurt Warner … Hall of Famer

One of the major, unavoidable topics of the week, has been whether or not Kurt Warner is a Hall of Famer. In fact, the pregame talk leading up to the NFC Championship game centered on how much bearing it had on the impending legacy of both Warner and Donovan McNabb. Warner obviously got the edge…Read More

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