Chad Henne on Kyle Orton Chants: Deep Down Inside it Hurts

The rumors of Kyle Orton being traded to the Dolphins — or any other team for that matter — are over. Denver officially named Orton its starting quarterback on Wednesday.  Coincidentally, Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd had just finished ranting on Monday about how “the Tebow thing” needed to be sorted out so he and his teammates could enjoy some stability.

Broncos fans who don’t believe Tim Tebow is ready to take over yet will be pleased.  However, there is at least one group of fans that is greatly disappointed.  Many in Miami have grown impatient with Chad Henne and understandably so.  In two seasons as the full-time starting quarterback for the Dolphins, Henne posted passer ratings of 75.2 and 75.4 and threw more interceptions than touchdowns each year.  Although he is still young, the NFL now relies more heavily than ever on quarterbacks to win games.  Heading into his fourth season with the team, Henne isn’t feeling very wanted in Miami.

“I’m human,” Henne told Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel when asked about the “we want Orton” chants at training camp. “Deep down inside it does hurt. You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back. But obviously if I’m doing bad they will critique me.”

One thing you need to be a successful quarterback in the NFL is thick skin.  If the Orton chants hurt Henne’s feelings rather than simply motivate him to do better, he could be in for another long season.

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Brandon Lloyd Feels for Kyle Orton, Says ‘The Tebow Thing’ Needs to be Sorted Out

The Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow with one thing in mind: he would be their quarterback of the future. You don’t draft a player in the first round to use him strictly in special situations.  Tebow is no different.  When the Broncos traded for Kyle Orton, they were looking for some stability at quarterback.  They seemed to have found it for a while, but now whether Orton will be traded has turned into one of the mysteries of the offseason.

Only six weeks away from the start of the regular season, Brandon Lloyd and other Broncos veterans have grown tired of the uncertainty.  Lloyd spoke with Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated on Monday and gave us a glimpse into the frustration Denver players are facing as a result of not knowing who their quarterback will be.

“It’s the Tebow Thing,” Lloyd said. “They’ll put Kyle on the trading block because they don’t want to deal with the Tebow Thing. But it’s not going to end until [Tebow] plays. The faster they get this Tebow Thing over with, one way or the other …

“I spent the entire offseason preparing myself for Tim being the quarterback, because the organization put Kyle on the trading block at the end of the year,” he continued. “I spent the offseason asking myself, ‘What pass plays are we going to be running? Are we going to be running sprint plays? Throwing from outside the pocket?’

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Kyle Orton, Brandon Lloyd, and Knowshon Moreno Light Up the Chiefs

Three weeks after getting thoroughly embarrassed at home by the Oakland Raiders, the Denver Broncos (partially) redeemed themselves with a 49-29 beating of the Kansas City Chiefs. Denver was up 21-0 by the end of the first quarter getting three straight touchdown passes from Kyle Orton. They led 35-0 midway through the second quarter and essentially had the game over well before halftime, proving that the Broncos’ coaches made excellent use of the bye week.

Kyle Orton, Knowshon Moreno, and Brandon Lloyd put up stats and made plays like they were John Elway, Terrell Davis, and Rod Smith. Orton hit Brandon Lloyd with a 37-yard pass down the middle on the team’s opening drive, setting up a touchdown four plays later. Lloyd caught the pass in traffic and had to dive for the ball making an incredible catch. Lloyd also hauled in a six-yard touchdown on their next drive, and he rounded out his terrific afternoon with a 15-yard touchdown catch in the 4th quarter. The 8th-year receiver from Illinois finished with 90 yards on six catches and two touchdowns, missing out on his 6th 100-yard game of the season by 10 yards.

Though the passing game exploded against Kansas City, the running game got going too. Second-year running back Knowshon Moreno had his first career 100-yard game, rushing for 106 yards on 22 carries. Moreno also took a short pass from Orton for a touchdown on the opening drive and finished with 50 yards receiving on three catches. Kyle Orton’s final stat line was 22/34 for 296 yards and four touchdowns. I have no idea what got into Denver in week 10, but their receivers were making spectacular catches and everything seemed to be working. I won’t get carried away here, but they looked pretty darn good. And having Knowshon Moreno healthy makes a huge difference for this team.

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images; AP Photo/Joe Mahoney

Josh McDaniels Backs Kyle Orton on Titans ‘Dirty’ Talk

No, no, no.  Not that type of dirty talk, you pervs.  We’re talking about Josh McDaniels agreeing with his quarterback that the Tennessee Titans played dirty during the Broncos 26-20 victory over them on Sunday.  If you hadn’t already heard, Kyle Orton accused the Titans players of throwing cheap shots at his offensive lineman and called the game one of the “cheapest” he’d ever seen.

McDaniels indicated that the type of game he saw from Tennessee was the one he expected his team would be in for.  He also implied that their style of play is a product of the way their coach, Jeff Fisher, runs the team.

I was proud of our team because we knew that was the kind of game it was going to be,” McDaniels said. “You can put any tape you want to of Tennessee and there’s going to be 10 penalties. You either coach it or you allow it to happen. That’s how I look at that.

“Our guys did a great job of keeping their poise and composure and not getting drawn into a big unsportsman-like game because I know that’s what they were trying to entice us into doing.”

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Kyle Orton: Titans Are Cheap

Kyle Orton was his usual, efficient self in a 26-20 Broncos victory over the Titans on Sunday afternoon.  He completed 70 percent of his pass attempts and threw for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.  While surely satisfied with the victory, it would appear that Orton didn’t consider Tennessee to be a respectable opponent.  After the game, the Broncos quarterback said there was some foul play going on during Sunday’s game.

I think they are cheap, and it was one of the cheapest games that I’ve ever seen out of some of those players,” Orton said. “When we’ve got (guard Chris) Kuper getting punched with his helmet off, it’s ridiculous.”

It doesn’t sound like it was Shaun Smith ball grabbing status, but clearly something was going on that had Orton fired up.  When I first read the comments, my initial reaction was, “call the whambulance.”  After giving it some thought, I have no problem with Orton coming to the defense of the guys that protect him on Sundays.  If you’re going to say something about dirty play, you might as well do it after a win.  At least we know he’s not trying to protest the outcome of the game.

It’s common knowledge that stuff like this goes on every week throughout the NFL, so it had to have been exceptionally bad to warrant a comment after a victory.

James Harrison: Orton Stepped in Front of the Train, Got What He Deserved

Kyle Orton a trash talker?  I wouldn’t have guessed that, but I suppose you never know.  James Harrison insists that the Broncos quarterback was talking smack during Sunday night’s Steelers-Broncos preseason game and ended up getting what he deserved as a result.  It may only be the preseason, but Denver’s quarterbacks are taking a beating.

Harrison recovered a fumble in the game (a call that was overturned) and Orton attempted to tackle him after he scooped the loose ball.  The result was exactly the one we’d expect to see when a quarterback tries to tackle a 250-pound linebacker (hint: something similar to what Ndamukong Suh did to Jake Delhomme).  Harrison felt no remorse, to say the least.

He was running his mouth and getting in the way of the train,” Harrison said after the game, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  “And the train wasn’t coming off the track.”

“He was popping off down there the first time they were about to score,” Harrison said.  “So you run your mouth, expect to get something.  Everything’s between the lines, so he got what he had coming.”

Orton should have known that only James Harrison is allowed to run his mouth, even if it’s about taking a trip to the White House.  Love the whole “getting in the way of the train” thing, too.  He should copyright that phrase.  I’ve never heard it before.

James Harrison says Kyle Orton “got what he had coming” [Pro Football Talk]