Seahawks, replacement ref Lance Easley get together for charity softball game


Lance Easley became a household name in a matter of seconds last September. For those who don’t remember, Easley was the NFL replacement referee who made one of the most controversial calls in sports history and gave the Seattle Seahawks a win over the Green Bay Packers on national television. Over the weekend, Easley got together with the team he helped reach the playoffs last season.

According to Pro Football Talk, Easley took part in Richard Sherman’s charity softball game on Sunday. He dressed in a football official’s uniform and worked the game as an umpire, enjoying a few laughs with the team and even making some questionable calls that brought Russell Wilson out of the dugout in protest. Fittingly enough, Golden Tate was named the game’s MVP.

Easley, who stood by his call last year as it pertained to the rule, held his ground once again on Sunday.

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Replacement ref Lance Easley stands by Packers-Seahawks Hail Mary call

Lance Easley may go down as one of the most infamous NFL officials of all time, and he only officiated a few regular-season games. As you probably know, Easley is the referee who ruled that Packers cornerback M.D. Jennings and Seahawks receiver Golden Tate had simultaneous possession on this Hail Mary play that gave Seattle a win over Green Bay. The replay appeared to show Easley made the wrong call.

While the two players may have eventually shared possession of the ball, that appeared to happen when Tate clearly wrestled his arms into the mix after Jennings had already established possession. Easley didn’t see it that way then and he doesn’t see it that way now.

“Yes,” Easley said on TODAY when asked if he believes it was the right call. “Until they change the rule, I can’t do anything about the call.”

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Lance Easley hits club in Fresno night after blowing call in MNF game (First Photo)

Lance Easley joined the ranks of the most infamous officials in sports when he signaled touchdown on a Hail Mary pass by the Seahawks to end “Monday Night Football,” leading to one of the biggest officiating debacles in NFL history. And how did Easley respond to becoming one of the most notorious — and in many cases despised — referees of all time? By hitting up a club the very next night?

George Takata, the sports director at KPGE CBS 47 in Fresno, reported on Twitter early Wednesday morning that Easley was out at Club Habanos — a bar/club in Fresno, Calif., on Tuesday night. Takata even tweeted the tri-pane photo you see above. He says the middle photo was sent to him by one of his friends, and it is of Easley at the club Tuesday night.

In an incredible irony, Takata’s friend, whose face we blurred out, happened to be wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt — the very team Easley’s awful call victimized.

USA Today reported on Tuesday that Easley is a longtime Southern California high school and junior college official. They say Easley attended the Stars and Stripes Academy for Football Officials in Salt Lake City, Utah, over the summer, and that the staff determined he wasn’t ready to officiate Division I college football games. Easley reportedly has never refereed college football games higher than the Division III level.

If you were concerned that Easley might go into hiding after his notorious moment, it looks like you were wrong. Apparently the man is embracing his newfound fame.

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Photo via George Takata
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