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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Latosha Lee

Latosha Lee Apparently Is Not a Stripper

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of Latosha Lee who was one of the women Shaq had on the side. Lee has a child with Timberwolves player Damien Wilkins but she also has (does?) messed around with Shaq. Shaq actually was consulting Latosha on how to get more child support money from Wilkins…Read More

Latosha Lee Is an Aspiring Actress

Latosha Lee got her name in the news recently for her relationship with NBA players Shaq and Damien Wilkins. She’s the mother of a child shared by her and Wilkins and she also has (is?) fooled around with Shaq who, despite being married, was upset Lee cheated on him. Anyway, upon further review, my boy…Read More

Latosha Lee Cheated on Shaq with Damien Wilkins

***See more Latosha Lee videos*** Shaq may call himself “Superman,” but the website “Young, Black, and Fabulous” sure has become his kryptonite. Not long ago, the website blew the cover off his affair with Gilbert Arenas’ girlfriend/fiance, Laura Govan. That news preceded Shaunie O’Neal’s decision to file for divorce from Shaq. Now it looks like…Read More

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