Logan Mankins on Rob Gronkowski: ‘He’s a big meathead that likes to party’

There has been a growing concern among New England Patriots fans and NFL commentators that Rob Gronkowski is getting carried away with his passion for raging.

Another offseason has begun with one of Gronk’s limbs in a cast. Like his injured ankle last year, Gronkowski’s surgically-repaired forearm doesn’t appear to be slowing him down when it comes to partying shirtless and wrestling with his brother in Las Vegas.

Some view Gronk’s antics as childish. Others, like Patriots guard Logan Mankins, feel they are pretty harmless.

“As long as he’s not getting DUIs and doing things that are against the law…” Mankins said Tuesday according to ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss. “I don’t think he’s hurting anyone. Hopefully he doesn’t hurt his arm. Then that would be bad. Gronk is a big meathead that likes to party and play football.”

Considering he already broke his arm twice, it’s the arm that most Patriots fans are concerned about. I’m sure the team shares some of their concerns. In terms of staying out of trouble with the law, Mankins is right. Gronkowski is 23 years old. He has been criticized by people like this former Patriots linebacker for being irresponsible, but we like to think of him more as a person who cherishes his youth. As long as he’s working out on the side and doing what he needs to be doing to prepare for 2013, Gronk should be allowed to enjoy himself during his free time.

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Logan Mankins played with a torn ACL in the Super Bowl

If Patriots fans are looking for an excuse as to why the Giants’ pass rush was able to dominate New England’s offensive line in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, Logan Mankins has provided them with a decent one. Before you rip me apart for being a Giants hater, I’m not saying it is an excuse and the Patriots would have won otherwise, but it certainly didn’t help. According to ESPNBoston.com, Mankins recently underwent surgery to repair the torn ACL that he played on during the Super Bowl.

It is likely that Mankins suffered the injury during a Dec. 24 win over the Dolphins. At the time, it was believed to be a sprained MCL and concern started to build about Mankins’ availability for the playoffs. Either a later hit caused more damage to the knee, or Mankins had actually suffered a small tear in his ACL. Had his ACL been fully torn, Logan would not have been able to play.

New York’s pass rush dominates New England’s line every time the two teams meet, so we’ll never know if a healthy Mankins could have changed the outcome of the game. As is the case with any Super Bowl match-up, both teams were dealing with a number of injuries heading into the game. However, the revelation does say a lot about Mankins’ toughness. He had to have been playing through a great deal of pain, and it’s amazing that he was able to be effective despite the injury. That toughness is one of the many reasons the Patriots gave Mankins a huge payday last season that will keep him with the team for years to come.

Logan Mankins drew a mustache on his helmet during the playoffs (Picture)

Like many other teams that are caught up in a playoff run, this year’s Patriots were big on facial hair. Wes Welker was all about his mustache and showcased it regularly on Twitter during the postseason. Logan Mankins continued his normal routine, which involves rocking a badass Fu Manchu. Apparently he thought the Patriots logo on his helmet could use one as well. Check out these pictures that @BushwoodFantasy shared:

Unfortunately for Mankins, the luck ran out in the AFC Championship game. Maybe it was the helmet mustache that made Billy Cundiff shank a chip shot, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Eli Manning and the Giants.

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Holdouts Will Play This Season

Or at least, they should play this season.  Word is starting to circle that the New York Jets are close to a deal with Darrelle Revis, which was first reported via a Tweet from Tim Cowlishaw that I was fully ready to call b.s. on, so touche and good for you, Tim — unless you still turn out to be wrong.

The Jets have also agreed to a monstrous deal with center Nick Mangold (7 years, $55 million), so as of now it’s fair to say their front office is taking care of business.  The Mangold deal has huge implications in strengthening the position of another player who is currently holding out, the Patriots’ Logan Mankins.  According to an ESPN Boston report, Mankins is so put off by the way negotiations have gone that he is prepared to sit out the entire upcoming season.  As Mike Reiss points out, the current collective bargaining agreement requires a player to report by week 10 of the season in order for that year to count toward their free agent status, meaning if Mankins sat out the entire year the Patriots could go through the same fiasco with him again next season if that part of the CBA doesn’t change.

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