Former Coach Steals a Man Purse

It would appear that former Seton Hall men’s basketball coach Bobby Gonzalez and Lakers forward Pau Gasol have something unusual in common — a love for the man purse.  Unlike Gasol, who was seen carrying a purse that he more than likely purchased, Gonzalez was arrested and charged with shoplifting and criminal mischief for stealing a men’s satchel from a Polo Ralph Lauren store.

The incident occurred on June 29th and the man purse was worth a whopping $1,395.  Here’s some of the Milburn Police Department report that explains how Gonzalez got bagged, courtesy of Sports by Brooks via NorthJersey.com:

According to reports, the manager of store told police that the manager of Joe’s American Bar and Grill returned a men’s satchel to her that belonged to Polo Ralph Lauren and said an individual came into the restaurant, left the satchel with the hostess and never returned.

The satchel, valued at $1,395, was reportedly damaged in the area where a sensor tag had been attached. An investigation into the incident by the Millburn Detective Bureau resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for Robert P. Gonzalez, 47, of Harrison, N.Y., for allegedly removing the sensor device from the satchel and walking out of the store without paying for the item.

If only you had kept the purse with you, Bobby. You might have gotten away with it and been the proud owner of a brand new man purse, or woman purse, or satchel, or whatever you borderline women’s clothing article-wearers call them.

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Today’s Humor: Pau Gasol’s Purse

I’ve looked at this picture for quite a while now before deciding to post it.  I didn’t want to take it out of context.  At first I’m thinking, “Maybe it’s a laptop bag.”  Then I’m thinking, “Okay, it’s a crappy picture, I don’t think the trim and part of the strap are actually pink; it just looks like they are.”  I now realize there’s really no way to defend it.  This is a picture of Pau Gasol wearing a purse, and I’m fairly certain the purse has pink trim and a somewhat pink strap.

Gasol’s been called soft before, and it clearly bothers him.  He vowed to be more physical this year in the NBA Finals than he was two years ago, and in Game 1 he came out doing just that.  He took it to Kevin Garnett the way KG took it to him in 2008 and was even somewhat outspoken about how KG has changed as a player, although the media blew his comments completely out of proportion.  The bottom line here is that with the exception of Game 1, you haven’t shown that much toughness, Pau — although the numbers have been there for the most part.  If it truly gets under your skin when people call you “soft”, try not to be spotted in public sporting women’s accessories.

Photo Credit: Barstool Sports