Manny Ramirez thought A’s pitcher Brett Anderson was the video coordinator

Manny Ramirez became one of the newest members of the Oakland A’s after signing a minor league contract with them Monday. Being new to the team and all, he’s just getting to know his teammates. He apparently thought one was the team’s video coordinator.

That came from A’s pitcher Brett Anderson who seemed to have had a laugh out of it. I know people will make a joke of this and just say it’s another “Manny being Manny” moment, but it shows me how disrespectful he can be. He’s a guy on a minor league deal. Anderson is on the team. Manny should be acting like a rookie and treating everyone with respect, not acting like the big shot he used to be.

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Manny Ramirez Targeted by A’s to DH?

Uh oh, guess that heartfelt comeback pitch by Manny Ramirez actually worked. The slugger who abruptly retired from MLB after a second positive test for PEDs is trying to return to the bigs and there reportedly is some interest.

“The Orioles and Blue Jays saw Manny work and Baltimore liked what it saw, but Oakland has been the team that has expressed the most interest, even before having him work out,” ESPN LA reports.

Manny has to sit out 50 games per his suspension, which has been reduced from 100 for no apparent reason. The A’s are notorious for shopping for bargains, so Manny could fit right in. Unfortunately they didn’t learn from the Rays, who thought they were getting a steal in Manny last season but ended up with a guy who quit on the team.

I guess the A’s may be willing to give him another chance to prove what a jerk he is.

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Manny Ramirez Wears Swimming Cap in the Pool, Looks like a Horizontal Conehead

Manny Ramirez misses baseball and has begun a process to try and rehab his image. He filmed a little “All-Access” special with notorious Barry Bonds lackey Pedro Gomez.

Manny let’s us in on his private life and tries to show us how human he is. He takes ESPN through his daily routine and tries to show how hard he’s working to get back into baseball. One of the things he’s been doing is working out in a swimming pool.

Just like any person protective of their ‘do would act, Mannny wears his hair in a swimming cap while he’s in the pool. The result is his dome looking like some cross between Coneheads and Princess Leia. He sure fits in well with those elderly ladies, doesn’t he? I bet they sit around trading estrogen injections after the pool sessions.

But let’s think about this for a second. Manny is the same guy who was so protective of his personal life that he wanted out of Boston because of their intrusive fans and media. And now he’s giving the media an inside look at his personal life? He must be really desperate to return to MLB. Maybe he thinks we’ve forgotten that he unceremoniously retired after being popped as a repeat offender of MLB’s drug policy; we haven’t.

Here’s another look at Princess Leia:

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Manny Ramirez Calls Himself a Member of the ‘Working Class’

As you have probably heard by now, Manny Ramirez is planning a comeback.  When it comes to Manny, you can never understand the motive behind anything.  It’s possible he did not want to end his MLB career by avoiding a suspension for failing a second performance-enhancing drug test.  He could also just be bored.  Whatever the case, we can all agree his decision has nothing to do with money — considering Manny is a guy who used to leave non-deposited paychecks in his locker that were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ramirez made more than $200 million during his MLB career, but it sounds like he still considers himself a man who is simply in search of a job.  Check out this hilarious quote that was translated from a recent interview between Ramirez and Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes.

“We are the working class and wherever there is work, you must go work.” Ramirez said when asked if he would consider playing in Japan or another country.

Keep in mind that the statement was translated from an interview that was conducted in Spanish, so it’s possible we’re dealing with a lost in translation type scenario.  That being said, we feel your pain, Manny.  It’s tough to find work out there but we all have to pay the bills and put food on the table somehow.

Ramirez also expressed regret over using performance-enhancing substances and said it is a decision he regrets every day of his life.  That’s nice, but referring to himself as a member of the working class is way more entertaining.

Fist pound to Hardball Talk for sharing the quote with us.

Manny Ramirez Reportedly Rejected by Japanese Team

What’s Manny Ramirez been up to lately? Apparently trying to resurrect his baseball career in a country where everyone goes for redemption — Japan.

From a Jayson Stark report:

A source with ties to Japanese baseball tells Rumblings that Manny had a Florida tryout for a Japanese team (the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) a couple of weeks ago, but “it didn’t go well.” And what was the hang-up? “The Japanese don’t like ‘baggage’ in a player,” the source said, “no matter how talented he might be.”

If Japanese teams don’t like baggage, why would a team bother giving him a tryout? Was it a favor to him or his agent? That’s the only part that doesn’t make sense. But if Manny tried out for a Japanese team and got the Dikembe Mutombo treatment, it would be too perfect. That would mean Manny’s now been rejected in the U.S., Dominican Republic, and Japan. Maybe he can try out for the Israeli league, Venezuelan league, and Australian league so he can get rejected on every continent.

Who says being a lifelong jerk doesn’t eventually catch up to someone?

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Manny Ramirez Headed to Play Winter Ball

Where does a man shunned by MLB turn these days? Where can one go to continue his baseball playing career? What is the last resort before hitting rock-Canseco-bottom? To the land where steroids and HGH flow freely, my friends — the Dominican Winter League!

We told you back in April when Manny Ramirez announced his abrupt retirement from MLB that he was planning to play winter ball. Apparently that’s still the case.

Hardball Talk passes along reports saying Manny is set to report to his winter ball team Aguilas Cibaenas on Monday. If I were them, I wouldn’t expect everything to go as planned. Manny certainly strikes me as the Allen Iverson-type who is likely to miss his flight and show up a few days late. As long as he can still hit — and if he’s on the juice I’m sure he can — they will likely overlook a delay.

Let’s just hope he has all his fertility issues worked out — wouldn’t want him going into labor during the season.

Manny Ramirez May Play Winter Ball

You didn’t really think Manny Ramirez would just retire after his PED suspension and walk away from baseball in such ignominious fashion did you? You really thought he would just quietly walk away towards the depths of the afterlife without pulling off some “Manny Being Manny” trick? Shame on you.

If you happen to venture to the Dominican Republic on vacation in the winter and check out a ballgame, and you notice a player who looks like Manny Ramirez … it may be because that player is Manny Ramirez.

Enrique Rojas at ESPN Deportes has been communicating with Manny since his abrupt retirement from the game. He says Manny has consistently hinted that he may play winter ball in the Dominican Republic.

“Now I’m getting ready to defend the 21st crown of the Aguilas,” Ramirez told ESPNdeportes.com in a reference to the Aguilas Cibaenas — a Winter League team.

Who knows if Manny is still screwing around, but I have a tough time believing he’s at peace with everything. I have no doubt Manny wanted to play this year and I believe he wants to continue playing baseball, so the Dominican League is the perfect way for him to keep playing without dealing with his shameful suspension. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do something like that to continue his playing career.

Maybe Manny will become like Jose Canseco and give us endless entertainment for years to come. I have no idea if that will happen, but I have a hard time believing Manny is completely done with baseball.