James Toney Challenges Marcellus Wiley to MMA Fight

James Toney is 42 years old and coming off a loss to Randy Couture in his first career professional MMA fight. The former five division boxing champion is 72-6 in his career and set to return to the ring against Damon Reed on Thursday night. Prior to his fight, he appeared on 710 ESPN as a surprise guest Wednesday afternoon.

Talking with Max Kellerman and former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, Toney was getting into friendly tough-guy arguments with Marcellus. The former Pro Bowl defensive end kept talking like he could beat Toney in the boxing ring and in an MMA fight while Toney said he wouldn’t have a chance. James was so confident he would beat Wiley up that he wanted Kellerman to arrange a charity fight for the occasion.

Despite Kellerman’s efforts to stop Wiley from his bravado, Marcellus reiterated that he could beat Toney in the cage. Marcellus is known for running his mouth, and I think he’s running into a bad situation here. James Toney is a Hall of Fame boxer who could knock out almost anyone with whom he crossed paths. Stepping into any fighting situation with him is just not a good idea, Marcellus.

Let’s make this happen boys — Billy Blanks’ gym on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. I know Toney’s down — let’s make it happen!

You can listen to the entire interview here

Marcellus Wiley on NFL Hotel Sex Parties: ‘Of Course it Happens’

Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe blew the cover for NFL players when he shared a story about his teammates setting up a hotel sex party during a road trip to San Diego. While it’s not surprising to hear that this stuff goes on, it’s a shocker to hear a player speak about it openly to the media (Bowe wrote it as a contribution to ESPN the Magazine). Former NFL player and current analyst Marcellus Wiley joined the Jorge Sedano Show on 790 the Ticket in Miami and discussed the Bowe story.

Wiley started off by saying that Bowe “broke the code” by publicly talking about a “dirty secret” like that. Wiley then shared a story that happened during his third year in 1999 when as a member of the Bills, they had a road trip to Seattle and had a similar setup to the one Bowe described. “There were a few ladies already setup, already there, already in the hotel,” Wiley said. His team wound up losing that game despite going 11-5 on the year.

Although Wiley noted that “of course it goes on, of course it happens,” he clarified by saying these organized groupie imports don’t happen every road trip, nor every other other road trip. That seems to make sense because you figure it takes a lot of time, money, and planning to orchestrate something like what Bowe described. Hitting up your girls in a given city the day before a game seems much easier to do. Wiley also estimated that 80% of NFL players cheat on their spouses/girlfriends. Any wonder why one of Bowe’s former teammates is trying to dispute the claims?

Marcellus Wiley on The Jorge Sedano Show [790 the Ticket]