Jermichael Finley takes shot at Mark Chmura, insists he is not done with football

Jermichael-Finley-Tim-Tebow-CoverageGreen Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley underwent successful spinal fusion surgery on Thursday in Pittsburgh. Andrea Kremer of the NFL network reported that Finley was up and walking around on Thursday afternoon and plans to return to Green Bay this week. He is also hoping to start working out again in a few weeks and is aiming for a recovery period of about three to four months.

Finley suffered a serious injury when he was hit in the head during a game against the Cleveland Browns earlier this season. He later insisted that he will play football again despite the spinal injury, but former Packers tight end Mark Chmura has expressed skepticism. Earlier this week, Chmura said he would bet his “bottom dollar” that Finley’s NFL career is over. Finley tweeted and deleted a response to Chmura on Thursday, and ESPNWisconsin.com’s Jeff Wilde was able to capture it.

Hopefully Finley’s optimism pays off. We don’t blame him for taking issue with Chmura’s comments. Chmura’s not a doctor, and he shouldn’t be going around guaranteeing that Finley never plays again. What does that accomplish? Is he just hoping to be able to say, “I told ya so?” Here’s hoping Finley has a full and speedy recovery.

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Chmura Calls Jermichael Finley a Moron

During his radio show on ESPN 540 Milwaukee, former Green Bay Packers tight end Mark Chmura decided to weigh in on current Packers tight end Jermichael Finley. Well Chmura didn’t exactly have nice things to say about Finley, so in my opinion he probably shouldn’t have said anything at all. Chmura expressed his thoughts about Finley by saying “He is a great player, but he is a moron.”

Chmura made this remark after a clip of Finley had been played on the air where he said that he had one word for everyone “Super Bowl Dallas, Texas.” I would have understood if he thought Super Bowl was one word, but just because he made a mistake he doesn’t deserve to be called a moron. I know that he was giving his personal opinion but honestly I think intelligence and athleticism are two different things and Chmura wasn’t fooling anyone with the “great player” part.

I really don’t understand Chmura’s issue with Finley and he really needs to stop. This isn’t the first time that Chmura has made comments about the Packers’ tight end. Back in May he told beat reporter Jason Wilde what he’d like to say to Finley:

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