Marshall Henderson reportedly fails drug test, is suspended indefinitely

Marshall HendersonOle Miss guard Marshall Henderson has a checkered past that involves serious drug use, and he reportedly has not completely given it up. On Wednesday, Ole Miss announced that Henderson has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules. According to Gary Parrish of CBS Sports, the suspension is related to a failed drug test.

“Since the season ended, we have talked a lot about Marshall taking a greater leadership role with our team,” Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy said in a statement, via USA TODAY. “With that comes greater responsibility, and he must do a better job of living up to the high standard we expect from him and he desires from himself.”

Back in January, details emerged about Henderson allegedly using counterfeit money to buy huge quantities of marijuana while he was a high school senior. He also spent 25 days in jail last year after reportedly violating his probation by testing positive for cocaine, marijuana and alcohol.

Henderson became one of the most polarizing figures in college basketball during March Madness, and most of his antics like Gator chomping at Florida fans were viewed as harmless. We now realize that stopping Marshall from flipping off opposing fans only scratches the surface of the issues Ole Miss has had with him.

Marshall Henderson clowns Tennessee football team for low APR scores

Marshall Henderson, everyone’s favorite crap-talking college basketball player, decided to have some fun at Tennessee’s expense on Wednesday

The Ole Miss guard took note of Tennessee football’s poor Academic Progress Rate score and tweeted the following jab at the Vols:

Marshall HendersonAPR scores were released on Tuesday and, at 924, the Vols were the lowest in the SEC. If they don’t improve the score, they could face sanctions.

But, as Henderson says, it’s not that hard!

“Academics are at the forefront of the priorities within our football team, and we are excited with the results in the classroom from the spring semester,” new Tennessee coach Butch Jones said Tuesday. “We are moving forward with a great plan and structure that alleviates past academic concerns, and we are confident of avoiding any APR issues. Everything is in place to provide the best possible environment for achieving academic success for our student-athletes as we continue to move forward.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Alabama actually led the SEC with a 978 APR, which was higher than Vanderbilt’s 973. Not only does Nick Saban have his program dominating on the field, they are also doing well in the classroom, too.

But seriously, pick it up, Tennessee. It really isn’t that hard.

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Marshall Henderson is pumped for the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season premiere

The Miami Heat are set to take on the San Antonio Spurs in a critical Game 3 matchup of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night, but Marshall Henderson has more important priorities to worry about. Henderson is a huge LeBron James fan, but he is too pumped for the Season 4 premiere of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” to even think about Game 3.

marshall hendersonThe good news for Henderson is “Pretty Little Liars” airs at 8 p.m. EST, and the game isn’t until 9 p.m. EST. The Ole Miss star can easily watch both, although I’m not sure he even cares at the moment. Plus, if the show is anywhere near as intense as my wife claims it is, he’ll probably be on too much of an adrenaline high when it ends to remember when tip-off is taking place.

Henderson provided constant entertainment during the NCAA Tournament a few months ago, and we’re glad to see he’s finding ways to keep it going during the offseason. A couple weeks ago, the self-proclaimed “landshark” offered to help a celebrity in need — although I don’t think anyone really wants to get near her at the moment. In any event, Henderson is still the gift that keeps on giving.

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Marshall Henderson offers to help Amanda Bynes

Marshall Henderson Amanda Bynes

Few stars have seen their personal lives spiral more out of control than Amanda Bynes. The actress has been feeding the tabloids with her mishaps, arrests, and bizarre postings on social media over the past year. She is firmly entrenched in the same societal punching bag spot once occupied by Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. But the good news is that Marshall Henderson wants to help! Yes, that same Marshall Henderson who made his name as the badboy of college basketball last season.

Here’s what Henderson tweeted about Bynes on Tuesday:

Just what the world needs: a guy who tested positive for yayo, ganja, and alcohol and was sentenced to jail helping to get America’s biggest screwup on the right track. There’s no way this wouldn’t end well, right?

Marshall Henderson flips off fans with both hands after loss to La Salle (Video)

Marshall-Henderson-middle-fingerMarshall Henderson capped off his highly-publicized 2012-2013 season on Sunday the way most of us probably expected him to — by flipping off the fans. After Ole Miss lost to La Salle in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, Henderson gave some of the fans above the tunnel the double middle finger. He confirmed that he made the gesture after the game, telling reporters that a fan said something derogatory about his sister and called him a coke head.

Thanks to College Basketball Talk, we now have video of the incident. As you can see from the clip above, Henderson did indeed give some fans the finger. He also booted some water bottles in frustration on his way to the locker room.

What did you expect? No player enjoys losing a 76-74 heartbreaker in the NCAA Tournament, and this is the same guy who went off on a fake Kentucky player’s Twitter account and taunted Florida fans by doing the Gator Chomp. That’s just the way Marshall rolls, and he certainly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Marshall Henderson and Johnny Manziel are now Twitter pals

Johnny Manziel Marshall Henderson

Marshall Henderson and Johnny Manziel have bonded over Twitter in the past few days and are in the process of forming one of the most perfect friendships in all of collegiate athletics.

It all started with a tweet from Johnny Football to the Ole Miss guard on Saturday that resulted in a response from Henderson a day later:

Chilifest 2013, baby. It is going down. The meetup of the century. Henderson and Manziel tearing up the chili festival in Snook, Texas. Slamming cornbread and chili bowls while listening to country music.

Seriously though, these two seem like perfect friends. Manziel doesn’t have the villain persona that Henderson does, but he has become the partying badboy who refuses to make his life private. Henderson also appears to be a party animal, and he has been leading Ole Miss to upset wins. Both were top newcomers in the SEC and led their respective underdog teams to surprising success. Manziel is much better in his sport than Henderson is, but the two seem to have a lot in common.

Marshall Henderson talks hilarious trash to fake Ryan Harrow Twitter account

Marshall Henderson was definitely feeling himself after Ole Miss knocked off Wisconsin 57-46 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament Friday, because he got on his Twitter account and started going nuts despite his poor shooting performance.

Henderson already predicted that Ole Miss was going to advance to the Sweet 16 in Los Angeles before even knowing whom Ole Miss would be facing:

He retweeted messages sent to him by some haters and he bragged about an interview he would be having with Charles Barkley. But the best part of his Twitter adventures was when he responded to tweets from a phony Twitter account posing as Kentucky sophomore guard Ryan Harrow.

The first tweet to Henderson from the phony Harrow account told the Ole Miss star to “calm down” after boasting about getting tweeted by LeBron James. The next tweet prompted a response from Henderson:

Marshall Henderson Ryan Harrow Twitter

Marshall Henderson Ryan Harrow twitter 2

The fake Harrow account has over 23,000 followers, which makes it understandable why Henderson tweeted at it as if it were real. But does it even matter that it’s fake? Heck no. All that matters is that Henderson thought it was Harrow and responded by peppering him with some outstanding trash talk. I’m sure plenty of people can’t wait to see him knocked out of the tournament, but I hope Ole Miss keeps winning. This guy is too funny.