Miles Plumlee Jumps Over Brother Marshall Plumlee on Dunk (Video)

The Plumlee brothers may not appear athletic, but looks can deceive. Youngest brother Marshall Plumlee won a dunk contest last year. This time around, it was the oldest of the three Duke brothers who had the fun. We’ve already shown you some of the festivities from Midnight Madness Friday night, including the sick dunks by the UConn freshmen. This one compares favorably to any of them. Duke senior Miles Plumlee electrified the crowd at Cameron Indoor Stadium by jumping over his younger brother Marshall Plumlee for a sick dunk. Here’s the video:

Even Nate Robinson, who jumped over Dwight Howard in the ’09 slam dunk contest, would have to be proud. That was sweet.

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Marshall Plumlee Won Dunk Contest Thanks to Teammate Andy McMillian

Marshall Plumlee is the younger brother of Duke players Miles and Mason Plumlee, and has committed to the university himself. Back in December, Plumlee, a 7-footer, won the City of Palms Dunk Contest, but it looks like it had more to do with the talents of a teammate than his own:

None of the dunks Plumlee did without the help of teammate Andy McMillian seem impressive enough to win any dunk contest. We’ve seen all of these passes before, but never from a kid who appears to be about 15 years old, which could be attributed to the fact that he’s standing next to Plumlee. It seems to me like Plumlee should bring this kid along with him to Duke ala Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr. I stumbled upon this video and thought you Duke fans might like to see what you’ve got to look forward to and the rest of us can hate you even more for your good fortune.

The City of Palms Classic is one of the top high school basketball tournaments in the nation. Teams from all over the country, including Elizabeth St. Patrick (N.J.) led by Mike Gilchrist and Winter Park (Fla.) led by Austin Rivers, brought their talents to (not quite) South Beach for the five-day event last month.

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