Matt Sandusky says father Jerry touched his genitals

One of the twists of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case was when his adopted son, Matt, switched from supporting his father to being one of his accusers.

Matt Sandusky, now 33, testified to the grand jury that he was not abused by his adoptive father. But after hearing the testimony of some of the victims (specifically victim 4), Matt changed his mind and contacted prosecutors about testifying against Jerry.

Matt Sandusky was worried about possible perjury charges for lying to the grand jury so he didn’t end up testifying, but his testimony threat was enough to keep Jerry from taking the stand.

Matt apparently spoke with the police and detailed the abuse that only recently came to mind.

According to a report from NBC News, Matt Sandusky says that he pretended to be asleep in order to avoid being touched, that Jerry showered with him before he was adopted, and that Jerry touched his genitals.

Audio of Matt Sandusky’s interview with police is below:

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Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son reportedly was prepared to testify he was victim of father’s abuse

Jerry and Dottie Sandusky have adopted six children, and one of them reportedly was prepared to testify that he was a victim of his adoptive father’s abuse.

Matt Sandusky, 33, reportedly met with prosecutors this week to say for the first time that he was a victim of abuse by Jerry Sandusky.

The news came via a statement from the lawyers representing two of the alleged victims.

“During the trial, Matt Sandusky contacted us and requested our advice and assistance in arranging a meeting with prosecutors to disclose for the first time in this case that he is a victim of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse,” the statement reads. “At Matt’s request, we immediately arranged a meeting between him and the prosecutors and investigators.”

The statement continued: “This has been an extremely painful experience for Matt and he has asked us to convey his request that the media respect his privacy.”

Matt met Jerry at the Second Mile charity when he was 10 years old and he later went to live with the family. It was recently revealed that Matt’s former wife wanted a restraining order last year to keep Jerry Sandusky from hosting sleepovers with the couple’s three children. Matt Sandusky also reportedly attempted suicide in 1995, and his biological mother says her son was upset about staying with the Sanduskys.

What’s interesting is that Matt started off being supportive of Jerry, visiting him at his home after the charges came out and sitting with the family last week during the trial. He decided he was willing to testify against Jerry after the trial began.

His name was actually mentioned during the trial when the man known as “Victim 4″ testified.

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