Cal Clutterbuck Punches Ref in Face During Fight With Max Lapierre (Video)

Ever watch a hockey game and wonder why the referees just allow the players to go at it?  The main reason is fighting is good for the game of hockey.  People go to games to see fights.  It’s kind of disturbing when you stop and think about it, but it’s a fact.  Another reason refs stand back and watch hockey fights most of the time is that they don’t want to attempt to separate two grown men whose adrenaline is pumping through the roof.  If they were to try it, they might end up taking a fist to the face.  Check out this Max LaPierre-Cal Clutterbuck fight video from Thursday night’s game between the Wild and Canucks and watch the linesman get punched in the face more than once.  Thanks to @cjzero for passing along the hilarious video.

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