Michael Phelps and girlfriend Megan Rossee go public (Video)

Michael Phelps and girlfriend Megan Rossee have apparently been dating for about five months, but that wasn’t well known to the public until the two made an appearance together at a Speedo event in London on Monday night.

According to her website, Rossee is a model and actress with experience in “High Fashion Print, Runway, Film and Television.” She lists herself as a 5’9.5″ blonde with blue-green eyes.

The two were seen leaving a club on Sunday but at that time Rossee’s identity was a mystery to many.

As USA Today Sports points out, Rossee hasn’t exactly been quiet about her relationship with Phelps. Her Twitter account is filled with Phelps-related items and indicates she attended the Olympic Trials in Omaha, Neb., to watch him swim.

Here’s a picture of the two together in London, with Phelps holding his Olympic medals:

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Michael Phelps plans to dive with sharks, golf after Olympics

Michael Phelps has been adamant that he is retiring from competitive swimming after the London Games. Phelps goes out with a record 22 medals and is recognized as one of the best Olympians of all time. Many have speculated that the decorated swimmer will miss the competition and return to the pool, but he says otherwise.

Phelps talked with NBC’s Bob Costas on Saturday about his post-Olympics plans.

“No, I’m done,” Phelps answered when asked if he would consider a comeback. “There are other things that I can do. Sure, I am very competitive in everything that I do. I’m not a very good golfer, so if I have a goal of dropping X amount of shots, or working on my short game or putting, those things are going to keep me motivated and fire me up and excite me.

“I think will be able to shift that competitiveness to anything I put my mind to,” he said.

Not only does Phelps believe golf will satiate his need for competition, but he also has plans to dive with sharks after the Games.

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Michael Phelps stoked about receiving tweets from Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy

Michael Phelps may be the most popular athlete in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s above acting like an excited fan when he receives tweets from celebrities.

Phelps, who added to his record Olympic medals total with a gold in the 200-meter individual medley on Thursday, spent a portion of his time the past few days responding to congratulatory tweets. Two in particular stood out to him.

The first came from rapper Lil Wayne, who goes by the Twitter handle @liltunechi:

The second came from rapper Young Jeezy a day later:

Phelps has received countless congratulatory tweets, but he referenced those two specifically during an interview with NBC’s Andrea Kremer after he won gold in the 200m IM.

“I’ve been enjoying myself and, yes, I have been able to have some pretty cool things,” said Phelps. “I got a tweet from Lil Wayne. [Ryan Lochte and I] got tweets from Jeezy.”

Well what do you know? I guess Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy are for Phelps like what Justin Bieber is for Missy Franklin. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Phelps’ gold medal reward? A photo shoot with Bar Refaeli in a bikini

Guess all those hours in the pool training for competition are worthwhile. Not only is Michael Phelps cleaning up in the medal department at the 2012 Summer Games in London, but he also seems to be enjoying himself outside the pool.

The 27-year-old swimming stud posed in a photo shoot with model Bar Refaeli. Based on the picture Refaeli shared on her Twitter account Wednesday, it’s difficult to tell what Phelps is wearing, but we’re guessing he had some sort of shorts/undergarment on.

The photo shoot may have provided an odd moment for the two because of what they share in common. Refaeli seems to be dating snowboarder/skateboarder Shaun White, who is also friends with Phelps. And even though we’re painting this as if Phelps is the lucky party, based on her enjoyment of male swimmers, Refaeli may have been equally excited.

Kris Humphries was once the top swimmer in his age group, ahead of Michael Phelps

Had Nets forward Kris Humphries not taken a liking to basketball at a young age, we might be sitting here talking about how he is the most decorated Olympian in world history. Okay, so maybe it’s not that simple, but Humphries was a tremendous swimmer in his youth. According to NetsDaily.com, Humphries was the top swimmer in his age bracket when he was 10 years old. Some guy named Michael Phelps was right behind him.

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Michael Phelps admits practice habits hurt him in 200m butterfly finish

Michael Phelps won two medals at the Summer Games on Tuesday to become the most decorated athlete in Olympics history. He won a gold in the 4×200 relay and silver in the 200-meter butterfly — his signature event — to give him 19 career Olympic medals.

Phelps appeared to have gold in hand in the 200 fly, but he was caught mid-stroke as he reached for the pad and Chad le Clos of South Africa sneaked in to beat him by 0.05 seconds. Phelps later admitted that his practice habits probably hurt him at the finish.

“It’s probably the finishes that I’ve done in workout ended up coming out here,” Phelps told NBC’s Bob Costas in response to a question about the disappointment of losing the lead. “There were times where I would go kind of slow into the wall in workout or touch kind of lazy, and it showed.

“At the same time I’ve had a great career,” Phelps said. “That’s my fourth Olympic final in the 200 fly and sure, I would have liked to have been .05 or .06 seconds faster, but there’s nothing I can do about that right now and it’s time to move forward and that’s what I’m preparing for.”

Phelps had not lost in the 200-meter butterfly in a major international competition since 2002. He could have had this one, but he didn’t finish strong enough. Still, if you look back at Phelps’ career at the Olympics, he won so many other races by similar slight margins that it’s hard to be bitter about one going against him.

Phelps has had a more casual attitude and approach to these Games recognizing that everything he accomplishes in London only further cements his outstanding legacy, but he said it was tough for him to get over being beaten. Meanwhile, Tyler Clary, who finished fifth in the event, is sitting somewhere saying “told ya so.”

Photo Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte share support for one another on Twitter

It’s no secret that Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are huge rivals. Phelps is coming off the greatest individual Olympic performance in history four years ago but, after finishing off the podium on Saturday, has clearly lost a step. Lochte, meanwhile, is arguably the best swimmer in the world today and is poised for a monster Games in London.

These are two alpha dogs who probably see the other as infringing on his territory. But at the same time they’re countrymen who should have each other’s support. And we saw just that on Twitter after Lochte came away with the gold after their first showdown on Saturday:

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