Michelle Jenneke and her bikini are enjoying summer

Michelle Jenneke bikini

It’s nearing winter in the northern hemisphere, which means it’s summertime in places like Australia, where Michelle Jenneke lives, and the attractive track and field star is wasting no time enjoying the nice weather.

Jenneke broke her summer bathing suit and has been lighting up social media by posting some bikini pictures on her Instagram account the last few days. There was the one up top taken at Shelly Beach in Manly, and then she posted the one below taken at Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney:

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Hurdler Michelle Jenneke is featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue (Video)

Michelle-Jenneke-swimsuitYou all remember Michelle Jenneke, right? Of course you do. She’s the Australian hurdler who became an internet sensation last year because of her enthusiastic pre-race routine, which included dancing and jumping up and down with excitement. The 2010 Summer Youth Olympics silver medalist became so popular after the video went viral that Sports Illustrated has decided to feature her in the 2013 Swimsuit Issue.

As you can see from the video above, Jenneke seems to be a natural fit. She certainly has an outgoing personality (which is not a surprise based on her dance routine) and is obviously attractive enough to be featured alongside women like this. Nicely done, Sports Illustrated. You have once again managed to perfectly bridge the gap between sports and swimsuits.

Video via The Big Lead