Colin Kaepernick teaches Michelle Obama the art of Kaepernicking (Picture)


Colin Kaepernick and First Lady Michelle Obama have teamed up to help promote physical education in schools with a campaign called “Let’s Move.” Kaepernick is one of a number of athletes including Serena Williams who have visited schools around the country this year as part of the movement. On Tuesday, the San Francisco 49ers star hung out with Obama and taught her his patented move.

Kaepernick posted a photo on his Instagram account of he and the first lady Kaepernicking together. As you know, Kaepernicking was one of many social media trends that began during the 2012 NFL season when Kaepernick first became a rising star.

While it’s pretty cool that Kaepernick got to hang out with Michelle Obama and it’s great what they are doing together, I want to see the First Lady try her hand at Dufnering. That remains — and probably will always remain — my favorite of the trends.

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President Obama dissed on kiss cam by First Lady, gets redemption (Pictures)

President Obama was booed at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. on Monday night after First Lady Michelle Obama rejected him for a kiss when the two were featured on the arena’s “Kiss Cam.”

The couple was in attendance for the U.S. men’s and women’s basketball teams’ games against Brazil. President Obama didn’t know he was on the Kiss Cam when he was shown, but the crowd began booing after the First Lady leaned in for a kiss before pulling away.

Luckily President Obama got a chance for redemption.

About an hour later in the fourth quarter, the two were shown on the Kiss Cam again and the president was tipped off by daughter Malia, who was sitting next to him. This time he got a kiss:

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NASCAR Fans Boo Michelle Obama (Video)

Who needs approval ratings? If an audio poll from 80,000 NASCAR fans isn’t enough to indicate whether or not the United States is pleased with its current administration, I don’t know what is. First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, led the way during the pre-race ceremonies on Sunday at the Ford 400 Sprint Cup season finale. The race was held at Homestead-Miami Speedway, and fans didn’t exactly give Obama and Biden a warm welcome. Check it out:

There you have it. If NASCAR fans say it’s no good, it must be no good. All joking aside, there have been rumblings about this being a racial issue and people are up in arms that the fans booed the First Lady. I’m not saying there weren’t racist people sitting in the stands somewhere, but you don’t really have to pay attention to politics to know that Barack Obama isn’t exactly the most beloved man in America. The booing was certainly disrespectful, but saying it was a racist act is sensationalism at its finest.