Craig Breslow Gets in on the Michelle and Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Fun (Video)

As expected, Rex Ryan has taken a lot of heat and a lot of ribbing for the recent foot fetish debacle he and his wife are the center of.  Charles Barkley weighed in on the matter by saying he’d show up to a meeting barefoot if he was a Jets player.  However, Barkley didn’t create a video.  Oakland A’s relief pitcher Craig Breslow has that covered.

I’m sure there are already a ton of Michelle and Rex Ryan spoof videos out there, but to see a professional athlete take the time to get in on the fun is particularly entertaining.  Breslow even created the video under the YouTube user name “ihaveprettylefthand,” in reference to Michelle’s video which was under the username “ihaveprettyfeet.”  Yes, Breslow is a left-handed pitcher, so it’s even more hilarious.  Check out the Criag Breslow foot fetish spoof video, courtesy of Deadspin:

Video Credit: YouTube user 12AngryMascots

Rex Ryan and Michelle Ryan Foot Fetish Coverage Shows Change in Media

The good ol boys over at Deadspin have done it again. Two months after blowing the foreskin off the Brett Favre schlong pics, they revealed the story of Michelle Ryan’s foot videos. Ryan, the wife of outspoken Jets coach Rex Ryan, appears to have been featured in several YouTube videos under the name “ihaveprettyfeet.” In one video, the voice of the person running the camera sounds exactly like Rex. The videos disappeared around the time Rex took over as head coach of the Jets, but as we all well know internet foibles die hard.

As if the foot fetish videos reappearing weren’t already enough, there is an “ihaveprettyfeet” profile on a Foot Lovers Dating site whose information matches up with Michelle Ryan’s. Still not horrified? Get this, an alt.com profile (a site for BDSM & Alternative Lifestyle Personals) advertises a couple whose information also matches up with that of the Ryans.

Ready for the dirty? Check out these bullet points from their alt profile:

    > Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious
    > I think about ALT lifestyle: Sometimes
    > Role: Submissive
    > Level of Experience: I am new at this

Honestly, we’ve moved from Beyond Creepy Ave. to Deviant Way along the superhighway of ICantEffingBelieveThis. How is it possible for such a high profile person to have such a lack of common sense? Did he not think any of this would be discovered? I guess he went two years without any references, so maybe, but holy shnikees.

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