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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Mickael Pietrus

Brian Scalabrine does not want Mickael Pietrus to touch him (Video)

While many will look at the video above and see Mickael Pietrus rudely interrupting Brandon Bass’ Game 7 postgame interview, something else about the moment struck me as hilarious. Is it just me, or does Brian Scalabrine not want Pietrus touching him? This video appears to have been shot well after the game ended and…Read More

Mickael Pietrus guarantees a Celtics championship (Video)

After losing five straight games going into the All-Star break last weekend, the Celtics have since won three in a row, putting them a game over .500 with a record of 18-17. That’s definitely not a mark we’ve come to expect from the C’s in recent years. Even still, Mickael Pietrus is confident enough in…Read More

Mickael Pietrus Visits Chinese Monks to Treat Knee Injury

In an era where many professional athletes are turning to technologically advanced devices to accelerate the healing process, it is surprising to someone use older, more traditional methods to treat injuries.  There are people like D.J. Williams who spend time in a hyperbaric chamber while other notable athletes have turned to cryotherapy as a method…Read More

Mickael Pietrus Provides Top 10 Valentine’s Day Tips for Pimps

Over the past few days, Suns guard Mickael Pietrus went on quite the rant about women and love. To sum things up, he comes across as quite the chauvinist — a departure from the stereotype that French men make the best and romantic lovers. For instance, there was

Video: Pau Gasol Fouled Hard by Mickael Pietrus to End Game 4

While a lot of people will be talking about Derek Fisher’s big three pointers to help the Lakers win Game 4 and the Magic blowing a five point lead with a minute to play, it was a play at the very end of the game that was pretty controversial. Likely frustrated by his team blowing…Read More

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