Brian Scalabrine does not want Mickael Pietrus to touch him (Video)

While many will look at the video above and see Mickael Pietrus rudely interrupting Brandon Bass’ Game 7 postgame interview, something else about the moment struck me as hilarious. Is it just me, or does Brian Scalabrine not want Pietrus touching him? This video appears to have been shot well after the game ended and the players showered and changed, so I can’t imagine it would be an issue of being sweaty or smelling bad. But make no mistake about it, Scalabrine was pissed Pietrus put his arm around him.

After thanking Celtics fans for their dedication, Pietrus then thanked Comcast Sports Net’s Mike Gorman and Scalabrine, but he used Gorman’s name and came off like he didn’t even know who Scalabrine was. Pietrus is known for saying crazy things, so the interruption is not that unusual for those of us who know him. The interactions between him and Scalabrine, however, were a bit awkward

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Mickael Pietrus guarantees a Celtics championship (Video)

After losing five straight games going into the All-Star break last weekend, the Celtics have since won three in a row, putting them a game over .500 with a record of 18-17. That’s definitely not a mark we’ve come to expect from the C’s in recent years. Even still, Mickael Pietrus is confident enough in his team that he’s guaranteeing a championship.

“I know that you guys say we’re older and all that stuff. We’re going to win the championship, OK?” Pietrus said after Boston’s win over the Nets Friday night.

Check out this video of Pietrus’ bold prediction that WEEI.com passed along. The guarantee comes around the 48-second mark.

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Mickael Pietrus Visits Chinese Monks to Treat Knee Injury

In an era where many professional athletes are turning to technologically advanced devices to accelerate the healing process, it is surprising to someone use older, more traditional methods to treat injuries.  There are people like D.J. Williams who spend time in a hyperbaric chamber while other notable athletes have turned to cryotherapy as a method of healing that uses extremely cold temperatures.  Still, there are some like Mickael Pietrus who prefer treatments that have been used for hundreds of years.

As the Sporting News pointed out on Thursday, Pietrus recently traveled to the Shaolin Temple in China to receive treatment on his knee, which he injured at the end of last season and caused him to miss 12 games.  Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist monastery that has had its own hospital for more than 1,000 years.  There, Pietrus tried “several traditional Chinese medicine therapies, including acupuncture, massage and some unique remedies administered by Shaolin monks,” according to the Chinese website www.whatsonxiamen.com.

Pietrus reportedly did not completel all the therapy, but he returned to France this week to resume practicing in the EuroBasket league.  He said he is no longer experiencing pain in his knee.  I, for one, tend to think that those methods of healing have been around for thousands of years because they work — not because people are too stubborn to get rid of them.

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Mickael Pietrus Provides Top 10 Valentine’s Day Tips for Pimps

Over the past few days, Suns guard Mickael Pietrus went on quite the rant about women and love. To sum things up, he comes across as quite the chauvinist — a departure from the stereotype that French men make the best and romantic lovers. For instance, there was this tweet he sent out on Friday “Hey fellas don’t forget on Monday it’s their Day and then on tuesday we can go back to tha playstation lol lol.”

That line of thinking should have had you prepared for Sunday when he gave a pretty pessimistic take on the holiday before releasing his Top 10 Valentine’s Day tips for pimps. “I wanna wish you a happy valentine day, if you are alone sorry about that but trust me you saved money on gifts lol lol,” amen to that — we can all relate.

Now as far as his advice goes, I’m no dating expert, but I don’t think his suggestions will get you too far.

Here are Mickael Pietrus’ Top 10 Valentine’s Day tips as he posted on his twitter account:

1) Save money : Take her out during Happy hour everything Half Price

2) If you short on cash, don’t make a reservation, chances are the restaurant will already be booked.

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Video: Pau Gasol Fouled Hard by Mickael Pietrus to End Game 4

While a lot of people will be talking about Derek Fisher’s big three pointers to help the Lakers win Game 4 and the Magic blowing a five point lead with a minute to play, it was a play at the very end of the game that was pretty controversial. Likely frustrated by his team blowing the game, Mickael Pietrus took out some anger against Pau Gasol. The game was already over at this point:

I don’t know how to look at this as anything other than Pietrus being a poor sport. Honestly, watching this in full-speed reminds me of one of those Terry Tate Reebok commercials. Pietrus should have taken care of things during the game so he didn’t have to release frustration at the end of it.

Video: Kendrick Perkins Elbows Mickael Pietrus, Another Suspension Coming

Funny how we mentioned Stan Van Gundy going off on the league prior to Game 3 of the Magic/Celtics series for favoritism regarding suspensions. While the Magic played and won without point guard Rafer Alston Friday night, it looks like Boston will be without center Kendrick Perkins for Game 4 on Sunday. Check out this cheap shot he lays on Mickael Pietrus in the 4th quarter:

Here’s the way I look at things: you suspend Dwight Howard for his elbow on Samuel Dalembert last series, you have to sit Perkins down for this one. Kendrick connected with an elbow above the chest and it wasn’t like Kobe’s on Artest which was in the middle of a basketball play. Kendrick was holding his elbow high on purpose — almost headhunting there. It was a dirty play. Compare it with Howard’s:

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