Mike Fisher bitten by chipmunk while saving Carrie Underwood

Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher is a regular knight in shining armor. Over the weekend, an innocent looking chipmunk somehow snuck its way into the home of Fisher and his wife Carrie Underwood. Fisher sprung into action to rescue his beautiful wife, and he even lost a little blood along the way.

Fisher was able to snatch up the chipmunk in impressive fashion, but not before it bit him on the hand. Wait, chipmunks bite? And they do damage? Apparently so, as the following photo would seem to indicate:

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Carrie Underwood jabs husband Mike Fisher about being her purse holder

In sports circles, Mike Fisher is known as the hockey player who is married to singer Carrie Underwood. For non-sports fans, he is viewed as the guy who holds her purse as she collects awards and makes red carpet appearances. Underwood decided to humorously remind him about that point over Twitter on Saturday.

Underwood wasn’t going to take that sort of disrespect without a response. He played along quite well:

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