Update: Audio from Mike Golic Jr. on Charlie Weis Phone Call

Yesterday I reported an occurence on Mike and Mike in the Morning when Mike Golic Jr. was invited on the show to share the news that he committed to play football at Notre Dame. Today, I now have the audio clip to let you decide for yourself whether or not Weis really called Golic Jr., or whether Golic Jr. was just embellishing the story.

Here's how the conversation went (you can also play the clip below):

Golic Sr.: "What happened yesterday, what did you do?"

Golic Jr.: "Yesterday we were out in Pisa in Italy. I got to look around the leaning tower and then got a call from Charlie Weis and I'm going to Notre Dame now."

Golic Sr.: "You committed to Notre Dame."

Golic Jr.: "Committed to Notre Dame and saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the same 15 minute span so not too bad."

Golic Sr.: "Not too bad at all. And just so the record knows you had to call Charlie Weis."

You can listen yourself and make the call.

MP3 File

Did Mike Golic Jr. Receive Illegal Call from Charlie Weis?

Tuesday morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio and ESPN2, Mike Golic had his son, Mike Golic Jr. on as a special guest to announce some news. Mike Sr. was so proud that his son had just accepted a scholarship offer to play football at Notre Dame that he had his son Mike Jr. join the show over the phone from Italy — where the high schooler was enjoying a class trip.

The younger Golic said on radio (paraphrasing here) that he received a phone call from Charlie Weis inviting him to become the first player to commit to Notre Dame for the ’08 season.

Mike Sr. quickly corrected his son, saying that Mike Jr. was the one who called Charlie Weis.

When I heard this, I immediately thought that Mike Sr. realized his son screwed up by saying something that could get the program in trouble (here are the NCAA rules for phone calls), and that he was trying to cover things up. The situation reminded me of the alleged illegal phone call received by Joe McKnight from Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush.

I called another friend who was listening to the show — and he too confirmed that Mike Jr. indeed said he received a phone call from Weis. However, my friend thought it was more of a young kid trying to sound cool telling a story like, “Yeah, I was hanging out at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and got a call from Charlie Weis,” it was pretty cool.

I am not accusing Charlie Weis of any wrong doing, rather I am pondering a question. Was Mike Jr. telling the events as they happened, or was he embellishing the story to sound cool, not realizing that his words were potentially incriminating?

This story via Ben Maller says Mike Sr. instructed Mike Jr. to go call Weis, which would lend support to the side that Mike Jr. was just trying to sound cool.

UPDATE: Here’s the audio and a transcription of the conversation.