Did Mike McQueary throw a touchdown pass in garbage time to cover the spread?

Joe-PaternoFormer Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary has been in the news this week after an ESPN the Magazine profile revealed that he told Nittany Lions players he could relate to a Jerry Sandusky abuse victim because he was sexually abused as a child. Hidden beneath that powerful narrative was a discussion of McQueary’s alleged gambling problem.

ESPN the Magazine’s Don Van Natta Jr. spoke to several of McQueary’s former classmates and teammates who claimed he lost thousands of dollars gambling on poker and sporting events during his playing days at Penn State. Several of his former teammates say he also bet on Nittany Lions football games while he was a member of the team.

A college friend said he remembers urging McQueary to slow down when his gambling got “pretty bad” and began snowballing. One Penn State alum who attended the school during McQueary’s playing days told BettingTalk.com that he remembered hearing rumors about McQueary’s alleged gambling problem after a controversial ending against Rutgers in 1995.

McQueary, a backup quarterback at the time, entered a game against the Scarlet Knights with his team leading 52-34. He was presumably supposed to hand the ball off and burn the clock, but he instead threw a touchdown pass to put Penn State up 59-34 with roughly a minute remaining. The Nittany Lions were a 20-point favorite in the game.

As Deadspin noted, Joe Paterno defended McQueary after the game and said he was supposed to hit his tight end for a first down but could not resist throwing to a wide open receiver downfield. However, the video above shows Paterno shaking his head and looking disappointed after the touchdown pass. He later got into it with Rutgers coach Doug Graber over the play.

Does this mean anything now? Not really, but if you like stories about players potentially gambling on their own team you should at least find this interesting. It sure seems fishy to me.

Mike McQueary reportedly said he was a sexual abuse victim

Mike McQuearyFormer Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary told Nittany Lions players that he could relate to a Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse victim because he too had been abused as a boy, according to a report.

ESPN The Magazine’s Don Van Natta Jr. profiled McQueary, who is a key witness in the conspiracy trial of three former Penn State executives accused of covering of Sandusky’s crimes. In the profile, Van Natta Jr. says McQueary told players during a Nov. 2011 meeting that he had been sexually abused as a boy. That meeting was held when the Sandusky scandal was going on. McQueary was an offensive coach at Penn State at the time. He did not say how old he was when he was abused nor who abused him.

McQueary was initially widely criticized for not stopping the sexual crime he witnessed between Sandusky and a young boy inside the Penn State locker room. It wasn’t until after all the criticism that McQueary said he made sure the act stopped before he left and eventually reported to Joe Paterno what he saw.

Though Paterno’s legacy and status took a major hit as many believed he allowed Sandusky to get away with all the sexual abuse, McQueary says he still reveres JoePa.

“I love that man more than you can ever possibly say,” McQueary told The Mag. “He’s an unbelievable man. He did unbelievable things. He handled this thing in the best way he could. Was it foolproof or perfect? No. But I didn’t handle this in a foolproof or perfect way either. I am loyal to him to this day. I absolutely love him.”

McQueary is also involved in a whistleblower lawsuit filed against Penn State. He says his reputation took a major hit because of the whole situation and that he believes he can no longer work in coaching.

The defense reportedly plans to question McQueary’s character. One thing they’ve found is that McQueary supposedly gambled while in college and racked up a debt. He supposedly bet on college football and NFL games and even lost money betting on Penn State.

Mike McQueary Reportedly Attended Jerry Sandusky Golf Fundraiser One Month and One Year After Witnessing Alleged Rape

Many people were thrown off when it was reported that Penn State coach Mike McQueary told former teammates in an email that he had stopped the Jerry Sandusky alleged anal rape in 2002. He also reportedly said in the email that he did talk to police (separate from head of campus police, Gary Schultz). It’s hard to know what to make of that news.

Is the email incorrect? Is the grand jury presentment leaving out information? Hopefully it’s information we’ll soon find out. Now here’s something else to add. McQueary reportedly attended a fund raiser for Jerry Sandusky’s charity — The Second Mile — in 2002 and 2003.

Sports by Brooks has been all over this story since the day the grand jury presentment became public. He tweeted on Tuesday that “McQueary played in Sandusky’s annual golf outing in June 2002 AND 2003.”

The Patriot-News cites a 2003 article published in the Centre Daily Times that confirms McQueary attended the 2003 charity golf event.

You can go one of two ways on this. You can take the denial approach and say this corroborates the story that Jerry Sandusky was just horsing around in the shower. Would Mike McQueary really be able to hang out with Jerry Sandusky at a children’s charity event after witnessing him anal rape a young boy?

Or, you can view this as a sign of McQueary being embedded in the cover-up.

McQueary may have stopped the anal rape and told Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz about it, but he continued to go with the flow because he did not want to jeopardize his coaching future at Penn State. If you believe this scenario, then McQueary is not a whistleblower, but another enabler who cared more about himself and Penn State than children being abused.

What do you take this piece of information to mean?

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Mike McQueary Reportedly Emails Former Teammates That He Did the Right Thing

Penn State wide receivers coach Mike McQueary, who allegedly witnessed Jerry Sandusky having anal sex with a young boy in Penn State showers in 2002, reportedly has told his former teammates that he did the right thing.

NBC news reporter Peter Alexander says McQueary emailed former teammates to say “I did the right thing … you guys know me … the truth is not out there fully… I didn’t just turn and run… I made sure it stopped… I had to make quick tough decisions.”

McQueary has been scrutinized by nearly everyone who has learned about this case for not immediately stopping the sex act in the shower when he witnessed it. He says he did stop it, and that the truth is not out there.

We have envisioned a context where McQueary’s actions, and seeming lack of outrage, make much more sense. Follow me on this one.

Most people who have heard and read about the situation believe that McQueary witnessed a young boy being sodomized in the shower by Sandusky. We at LBS even described it as an anal rape. People were outraged that McQueary did not break it up, knock out Sandusky, and call the police. Isn’t that what most people would do if they saw a young child being violated so inappropriately? But what if that’s not the full case.

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Mike McQueary Reportedly in Protective Custody and Done Coaching Penn State

Joe Paterno was fired as Penn State’s football coach this week. The school’s president, Graham Spanier, was also fired. Athletic director Tim Curley was placed on administrative leave. Former Vice President of Business and Finance, Gary Schultz, stepped down. That took care of mostly all the important figures involved in the Jerry Sandusky investigation which appears to have involved a cover-up.

The one person who curiously remained employed was Mike McQueary, who was said to have witnessed an anal rape by Sandusky in 2002. According to a report, he informed the Penn State wide receivers Friday that he’s no longer their coach.

The Patriot-News says McQueary spoke with his wide receivers during a conference call Friday and told them he was hiding in protective custody, and that he was done as the team’s receivers coach. He reportedly told them he’s not in State College anymore, and that he’d double-fisting drinks (drinking alocholic drinks two at a time).

It’s no surprise McQueary’s drinking heavily — few people are in a more difficult position than him right now. He’s one of the most important witnesses in the case.

UPDATE: The Patriot-News’ story has been updated. They say McQueary’s “protective custody” comment was a bad joke that the players took seriously. The double-fisting drinks comment was also removed from the story.

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