Porn star Rachel Starr is excited to hang out with Mike Napoli

Mike-Napoli-Red-SoxBoston Red Sox slugger Mike Napoli has been nursing a foot injury and Tuesday night’s contest with the San Francisco Giants will mark miss his fourth straight missed game. However, it appears he is still in for a pretty fun evening.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, Napoli’s postgame plans have become public. On Tuesday afternoon, porn star Rachel Starr tweeted that she is excited to be hanging out with one of her very close friends after the game in San Francisco. That friend is Napoli.

From the sound of it, Starr and Napoli have hung out before. When fellow pornstar Kendra Lust tweeted at Starr to tell her to have a good night, Rachel responded with the following.

And you thought Rob Gronkowski was the only big-time athlete in Boston who likes to kick it with adult film stars? If we had to pick one guy on the Red Sox roster who we thought would hang out with porn stars, it would be Napoli. Remember, this is the same guy who wore this incredibly inappropriate shirt to a Christmas party one week after judging a Hooters bikini contest. Game over.

UPDATE: Starr is also working as an escort in San Francisco this week.

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Mike Napoli shows some skin at the plate


Boston Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli is not the first MLB player to leave the top buttons on his jersey undone. Plenty of guys do it on warm days without caring if they look like slobs, but there is usually an undershirt involved. On Sunday, Napoli took that entirely out of the equation.

As you can see from the photo above that was posted on Reddit, Napoli decided to show some skin during Boston’s loss to the Detroit Tigers. He has always been one of those “screw the top buttons” guys, but usually Napoli has an undershirt on. It’s a lot less weird when he does, and we’re hoping he brings it back for the next game. No one needs to see that.

Mike Napoli hit two monster home runs that totaled 939 feet (Video)

Mike-Napoli-home-runOne of the main reasons the Boston Red Sox signed Mike Napoli was his ability to hit at Fenway Park and use the Green Monster to his advantage. With the way the first baseman is hitting right now, he doesn’t need a thirty-seven foot wall to help him succeed.

After his two-home run performance on Wednesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays, Napoli is leading the majors in RBI and extra-base hits. And those two homers were a sight to behold. They were estimated at 472 and 467 feet, but they had to have gone farther than that.

To give you some perspective, this monster home run that Giancarlo Stanton cleared the scoreboard with earlier this week traveled an estimated 440 feet. The fact that Blue Jays reliever Esmil Rogers threw Napoli that much of a meatball on a 3-0 count for his second home run with the Red Sox leading by five amazed me. Did something make him think the green light would not apply?

A.J. Pierzynski angry about All-Star team snub, takes swipe at Mike Napoli

Every single year there is one player that everyone agrees was overlooked for the All-Star Game. This year, that player is A.J. Pierzynski. At age 35, the White Sox catcher is having by far the best first half of his 14-year career. Pierzynski is hitting .291 with 15 home runs and 48 RBIs. His career highs for an entire season are 18 homers and 70 RBIs, so he’s on pace to shatter both marks. Despite his tremendous success at the plate, three other AL catchers were selected to the All-Star team.

The fans voted Mike Napoli in as the AL starter. He is hitting a lowly .235 with 12 homers and 30 RBIs. Baltimore’s Matt Wieters and his .247 average, 11 homers and 40 RBIs were selected by the players as a back-up. And with his choice, AL manager Ron Washington selected Joe Mauer, who is hitting .332 with five homers and 38 RBI. Washington said he felt bad for Pierzynski, but A.J. isn’t buying it.

“If he felt that bad, he would have put me on the team,” Pierzynski told Chicago reporters according to the Dallas Morning News. “He had an opportunity to do it and he didn’t do it. He can feel as bad as he wants, but he obviously didn’t feel that bad.”

When a media member reminded Pierzynski that Napoli is a good hitter, he gave the following response: “Yeah, if you consider .230 good.” On Tuesday night during Chicago’s 19-2 throttling over the Rangers, Pierzynski hit a three-run homer in the fifth and glared toward the Texas dugout.

Based on the numbers, Pierzynski certainly deserves a spot. However, Washington is not the one A.J. should be upset with. In choosing between Mauer and Pierzynski, Washington had the most difficult job. Both deserve to be on the roster over Napoli and Wieters. We see this type of thing every season. Pierzynski just needs to accept that he is this year’s notorious snub and move along.

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Mike Napoli wins $100 from Dirk Nowitzki for Italy’s Euro 2012 win over Germany

If Twitter were never invented, Mike Napoli may be out of $100 today. Fortunately it was, which means rivalries and trash talking across professional sports can exist and we have yet another medium by which to gamble. What started out as friendly smack talk on Twitter earlier this week between Napoli and Dirk Nowitzki turned into Dirk owing Napoli $100 after Italy beat Germany in the semifinals of Euro 2012 on Thursday afternoon.

Before the match, Napoli tweeted at Dirk that the Italians were “taking your Germans down today.” Italy went up 2-0 early in the match, and here are some of the tweets that followed between the two — a few of which include a sports psychology consultant (@think2win). Thanks to the Dallas Morning News for pointing out the exchange.

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Mike Napoli is very unhappy over C.J Wilson tweeting his phone number

Over the weekend, C.J. Wilson decided it was a good idea to play a prank on former teammate Mike Napoli. The prank was a cruel one. Wilson took to his Twitter account and pretended he was tweeting out his phone number and asking people to give him a call, but the number was really Napoli’s. As expected, Napoli’s phone was flooded with calls and voice mails, and was likely forced to change his number.

Since the two are former battery mates, most of us assumed Napoli would laugh it off and vow to get Wilson back. That does not seem to be the case, as Napoli sounds pretty furious about the whole thing.

“I don’t even know why he did it,” Napoli said according to the Star Telegram. “You don’t do that. I am not taking it as a prank. You know, I haven’t even talked to him since the end of last season. We don’t have that type of relationship.”

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C.J. Wilson pranks Mike Napoli by tweeting his cell phone number

C.J. Wilson must have been feeling pretty saucy on Saturday, because he decided to prank his former catcher Mike Napoli. Wilson sent a tweet with his supposed new phone number, telling Napoli to call him.

Wilson knew most people would figure the phone number was sent by accident — a message intended to be private — and that they would probably call thinking it was Wilson’s number. That’s the best part about the prank — the number was Mike Napoli’s, and the 714 area code was from Mike’s Anaheim day’s. Calling the number took you straight to voicemail where Napoli’s voice was on the answering message and you were told his mailbox was full. The prank clearly worked.

Wilson later deleted the tweet and sort of apologized, saying “Okay I think we’ve all had a good time, I’m even with mike for saying he can’t wait to hit homers off me.”

Hey, no biggie, Napoli can always change his number. That’s probably what Mike Trout had to do last spring.

UPDATE: Napoli is pissed at Wilson over the prank.