Mike Ribeiro’s wife Tamara ‘pissed beyond belief’ he is not returning to Capitals

Mike-Ribeiro-CapitalsVeteran NHL center Mike Ribeiro racked up 49 points in 48 games with the Washington Capitals last season, but it doesn’t sound like keeping him around is a top priority for the team. Ribeiro is expected to become an unrestricted free agent on July 5.

According to Puck Daddy, the 33-year-old was seeking a five-year deal from Washington. He said after the season that he wants to retire in DC and keep his children there, but the two sides are apparently too far apart to make anything happen. On Monday, Ribeiro’s wife Tamara took to Twitter to vent about the situation.

On Tuesday afternoon, presumably after seeing her tweets making the rounds on the internet, Tamara emphasized that her frustration has to do with the couple’s children.

That’s understandable. It’s hard to explain to kids that they have to move to a new city after they got used to their new life and made new friends, but such is life for a professional athlete. The reason people don’t feel badly for the Ribeiro family is that Mike will find a job elsewhere making plenty of money, and children bounce back quickly.

As this MLB player’s wife could tell you, spouses speaking out against teams rarely receives a warm reception.

Mike Ribeiro Goes Between the Legs with Shootout Goal

It’s the goal that you’ve all been waiting for … Mike Ribeiro of the Stars goes between his legs at the last moment to beat Peter Budaj of the Avalanche in a shootout. Must see TV:

We’ve had some really good goals this year — the Richard Zednik airborne goal was one of them — and this was every bit as good. The Alexander Ovechkin goal from a few years ago still is up there on my list of favorites. Wonder if Ribeiro’s starting a new trend here and why nobody made as big of a deal when he did it last year.