Cadillac Williams, Mike Sims-Walker Get Fantasy Boost Following Rams Injuries

Unfortunate injuries to some St. Louis Rams starters on Sunday may cause our first significant fantasy shakeup of 2011. We know it’s an enormous shocker, but Steven Jackson has already suffered a leg injury. Jackson was removed from the Rams game against the Eagles early on Sunday with what is being called a quad strain.

Cadillac Williams got the bulk of the work after Jackson went down and should instantly become a must-grab in most if not all fantasy formats.  Williams racked up over 100 total yards of offense including six catches for 49 yards.  There is no telling if Jackson’s injury will cause him to miss any time, but he has had many a nagging injury in the past and a strained quad could certainly turn into one.  He’s only owned in 7 percent of Yahoo! leagues which is shocking considering Jackson’s injury history.

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Mike Sims-Walker Taking Heat from Fans on Twitter for Two Catchless Games

One of the wonderful aspects about twitter is the way it gives fans access to players and other sports personnel. One of the worst aspects of twitter is the way it gives access to players and other sports personnel. Jaguars wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker knows about the bad part first hand. His Jags are 2-2 and the funny thing is he’s been held without a catch in both of the team’s wins. Even if the Jags are satisfied with their wins, there are legions of people who aren’t: Sims-Walker’s fantasy owners. Those foolish enough to draft MSW apparently have been letting him hear about it on twitter recently:

“I’ve never seen this many bitter people in my life. They’re calling me everything in the book: ‘I’m benching you, you’re this, you’re that, you’re trash.’ It kind of hurts a little bit.

“I have no control over it. I wish they could understand. It ain’t like I’m out there dropping balls or not getting open. You watch the film. I’m doing everything I can possibly do to put myself in the right position, but it’s just not working for me right now.

Sims-Walker is a good player and probably the best receiver on the team, but people who drafted him expecting consistent production were sorely misinformed. Last year, MSW had five games with two catches or less, four of which generated fewer than 20 yards. He’s a good player, but he’s always been inconsistent. And you know what? As long as they keep winning, I’m guessing the team won’t have a problem with it. A note to MSW fantasy owners: follow our waiver wire advice, pick someone else up, and lay off the man.

Mike Sims-Walker Was Too Busy Getting His Freak On to Help the Team

58424292Many a fantasy team was hurt on Sunday by the surprise inactivation of Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker who had been a stud in weeks 2-4, catching 19 passes for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns. Luckily if you had been listening to Sporting News Radio the hour leading up to gametime on Sunday you would have heard the news courtesy of the sports update guy. Anyway, considering there were no signs of Sims-Walker having any medical problems during the week, this news was quite a surprise and all we were told was that he broke a team rule. Since the the Jags were in Seattle over the weekend, you had to figure Sims-Walker violated curfew and now it comes out that was exactly the case:

Sims-Walker missed bed check Friday night due to a late-night rendezvous with a lady friend, according to an NFL source, who described the situaton by saying, “undefeated and untied.”

OK, this might be a dumb question but … “undefeated and untied,” is that referring to Sims-Walker’s record with the ladies on the road? Anyone? Anyone? And dude, you think having 52 guys, a coaching staff, and a fanbase is bad pissed at you is bad, wait til you see what the thousands of fantasy owners who were screwed by this sharade have to say. Next time you want to get your socks blown, Mike, do it earlier in the night or wait until after the game. C’mon now, you can’t be acting this irresponsibly when you have an entire country of fantasy owners relying on you! See what you do to Maurice Jones-Drew??