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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Mike Vanderjagt

Idiot Kicker Headed to Canada

I thought it was a low point for Mike Vanderjagt when he was beat out in a tryout by a minor league kicker. Yeah, a kicker from the arenafootball2 league — the Arena minor league — was better than Vanderjagt. This is the same guy who was a Pro Bowler and like hitting all of…Read More

Minor League Kicker Beat out Mike Vanderjagt for a Job

Sure, he may be just about the biggest jerk ever — especially for a kicker. But I’ll be damned if Vanderjagt wasn’t one of the best in the game not long ago. I mean wasn’t there a time when he was like 37 of 37 on field goals? I guess the NFL has no use…Read More

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