Milan Lucic calls Alexei Emelin a ‘chicken’ for low hit (Video)

Alexei-Emelin-low-hit-Milan-LucicFor those of you who were unaware, the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins dislike each other very much. They like each other a bit less after Monday night’s game.

Early in the first period, Canadiens defenseman Alexei Emelin threw a hit on Milan Lucic near center ice. Emelin went low, and Lucic was not happy about it. Neither was Zdeno Chara, who came in and drew a roughing penalty after leveling Emelin from behind. Lucic later tried to square off with Emelin, but he was unwilling to fight because he has a metal plate in his head.

“Whether it’s fair, legal or whatever you want to call it, if he wasn’t scared, he would stand up and hit me and not go after my knees,” Lucic said after the game, via CSNNE.com’s Joe Haggerty. “It just shows how big of a chicken he is that he needs to go down like that to take me down.”

Lucic and Emelin have a history together, as do many players on the Bruins and Canadiens. Lucic laid him out several times during Boston’s win over Montreal a couple of weeks ago, and Emelin injured his knee last season while taking a run at Lucic.

Emelin was not called for a penalty on Monday, but the hit was a bit low. It’s the type of hit that is technically legal but is frowned upon because it was so close to the knee. The Canadiens and Bruins are two of the top seeds in the Eastern Conference at the moment. Hockey fans should cross their fingers they meet in the playoffs.

Milan Lucic after bar incident: ‘I’m done trying to defend Vancouver’ (Video)

Milan-Lucic-bar-fightBoston Bruins forward Milan Lucic is from Vancouver. So are the Canucks. As many of you know, the Bruins and Canucks don’t exactly get along. After the two teams squared off on Saturday night, that tension spilled over into the nightlife scene when Lucic got into a heated argument with someone outside a bar in downtown Vancouver.

Fortunately, there was not an actual fight. However, there was some shoving a lot of cursing between Lucic and the other guy, which resulted in a police officer suggesting that Lucic leave. We don’t know what happened before the person began recording the video, but it didn’t seem like Lucic was the one looking for trouble. Here is the clip, which contains some very NSFW language.

Reporters asked Lucic about the video on Monday, and he took the opportunity to blast his hometown.

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Milan Lucic gave Dion Phaneuf a love tap to the groin in postgame handshakes

Milan Lucic Dion PhaneufBoston Bruins winger Milan Lucic had a pretty awesome series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He racked up nine points, 32 hits, and he assisted on the goal to make it 4-2 and scored to make it 4-3 in the third period of Game 7.

After the Bruins came back to beat the Leafs in overtime Monday night, Lucic participated in postgame handshakes like everyone else. Only Lucic got a little personal with Toronto defenseman Dion Phaneuf, giving the Leafs captain a tap to the groin. If Phaneuf’s wife Elisha Cuthbert were around, she’d have told Lucic that area is off limits.

Karl Alzner calls Milan Lucic a crybaby, could be in for a beating (Video)

Karl Alzner may earn respect from his teammates for standing up to Milan Lucic on Monday night, but he may have also signed himself up for a beating. During a chippy 4-3 Boston win that went back and forth all night, a scuffle broke out late in the third period. Per usual, Lucic was at the center of it. When Alzner came up behind him and put him in a headlock during the dust-up, Lucic was not pleased. He was even less pleased when Alzner called him a baby and made a crying gesture at him.

“I don’t even know what to say on my side to show I’m not a crybaby,” Lucic said after the game according to the Washington Post. “That’s a lot coming from a guy who I think has two roughing penalties in three years.”

Bruins reporter Joe Haggerty asked Chris Kelly about the incident after the game, and Kelly said he doesn’t think Lucic has ever cried and that he came out of the womb angry. He’s certainly angry now.

Good for Alzner for trying to be brave, but he has now officially infuriated the young man who was voted the toughest player in the NHL this season by his peers. When people drop the gloves with Lucic, stuff like this tends to happen. Alzner might want to throw in a couple extra sets of curls before he gets back on the ice.

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Milan Lucic’s church in Vancouver vandalized by Canucks fans (Picture)

Now that’s what I call taking it too far. We all know the story of what an incredibly terrible person Milan Lucic is. He grew up in Vancouver and had the nerve to be drafted by the Boston Bruins. Not only that, but he was then enough of a d-bag to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals with Boston and win a championship by defeating his hometown team. Imagine the nerve?

The fact that Lucic is from Vancouver and plays for one of the Canucks’ biggest rivals infuriates Vancouver fans. As you can see from the photo above that Lucic’s girlfriend Brittany Carnegie shared on Twitter, some of them have no shame when it comes to expressing their displeasure with Milan for sleeping with the enemy.

Just like the Canadiens fans who cheered when Zdeno Chara took a puck to the face on Wednesday, these fans took it way too far. Vandalizing anything because you don’t like a player is uncalled for, let alone a church. Unfortunately there are some fans out there who have no concept of when enough is enough, and — as we saw from the riots following last years Stanley Cup — many of them happen to live in Vancouver.

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Video: Milan Lucic Fights Paul Gaustad in First Two Minutes of Bruins-Sabres Game

Two weekends ago, Bruins forward Milan Lucic was on a breakaway when the puck got away from him and he collided with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who had left the crease. Miller ended up with a concussion and called Lucic a piece of s*** after the game. The NHL did not suspend nor fine Lucic, feeling that his collision with Miller was unavoidable rather than intentional. The Sabres were upset with the ruling and felt the league wasn’t doing enough to protect the goalies.

The teams met again Wednesday night, and in the first 90 seconds, Lucic and Sabres center Paul Gaustad agreed to throw down. Lucic dropped Gaustad in a matter of a few stiff right hands. Observe:

There is a saying in basketball called “ball don’t lie.” The saying means that the outcome on the court indicates who was ultimately right or wrong in a dispute. In this case, the same principle applies. Fight don’t lie, Buffalo.

Milan Lucic Taking Stanley Cup to Vancouver, Will Keep it Low-Key

Boston Bruins winger Milan Lucic gets his day with the Stanley Cup Sunday and will celebrate in his hometown of Vancouver. Naturally that’s led to several questions given the way the city rioted after the Canucks lost to the Bruins in the finals. Adding to the potential problems is what 25 Stanley pointed out to us — posters of Lucic in Vancouver were reportedly defaced recently — some Canucks fans still haven’t gotten over the loss.

Lucic’s mother has acknowledged there is some tension in the area. Because of that, the Vancouver Sun says Lucic plans to “keep the festivities relatively private and low-key.”

That’s probably a smart idea for Lucic. If he wants to stay in Vancouver for his celebration, he’ll be wise to keep it low-key to avoid problems. It also might not be a bad idea for the Stanley Cup handler to pull a Nathan Horton on Lucic. The less time he has with the Cup, the less issues they can encounter, right?