Roll Tide Shaved into Grass Near Auburn Booster Milton McGregor’s Race Track

The rivalry between Auburn and Alabama is the strongest of any two schools in the country, and it’s not even close. Above is a Google Maps shot of Birmingham Race Course, a greyhound and horse racing track owned by Auburn booster Milton McGregor. If you’ll recall, dirty Milty was one of 11 arrested for trying to buy votes in a pro-gambling legislative effort.

That shot from Google Maps is not a recent one, but it’s believed that the “Roll Tide” has been there since September of last year. I know it’s not the biggest offense out there, but if they’re wondering who to investigate in the matter, they should start with this man.

Here’s a close-up shot of the Roll Tide:

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Milton McGregor Attorney Joe Espy Issues Meaningless Cam Newton, Auburn Denial

The investigation into Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Cam Newton is now two-pronged. In addition to the NCAA investigating allegations that Newton’s father solicited money for his son to play college football, the FBI has gotten involved.

The FBI was led to the Newton case while investigating Milton McGregor, the owner of a greyhound racing track called “Victoryland” in Alabama. McGregor was one of 11 people arrested around six weeks ago for trying to buy votes in favor of pro-gambling legislature. McGregor also happens to be a major Auburn booster, having donated $1 million to the new Auburn basketball arena in 2008.

So if this crook was bribing politicians to pass pro-gambling legislation, and he’s also a major Auburn donor, doesn’t it sound to reason that he might be involved with a payment to a high-profile player like Cam Newton, particularly if around $200,000 were needed to sign the man? Of course, but that’s not the story his lawyer, Joe Espy, would like you to believe:

“Contrary to postings on celebrity and sports blogs, Milton McGregor has never had any contact direct or indirect with Cam Newton, Cecil Newton – Cam’s father, Kenny Rogers or anyone purporting to represent Cam Newton. Mr. McGregor has never been asked to provide money for any recruitment or compensation of any current or perspective student athlete including Cam Newton at Auburn or any other school, and has never provided any type of compensation in that regard period no exceptions. As a proud supporter of Auburn University Mr. Mcgregor wants it known that he does cheer loudly for Cam Newton and thinks he is the best athlete in college football.”

Let’s examine that statement and show why it is meaningless.

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