Chris Bosh: Dallas Mavericks Wanted it More than We Did

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh made it obvious that he wanted to win the title badly when he cried after his team’s loss. Unfortunately it didn’t seem like his teammates played with that type of passion during their elimination game. Though the Heat had a nice comeback after falling behind in the second quarter, they played sloppy committing several turnovers, and they didn’t rotate well defensively. Meanwhile, Dallas never let up and made most of their big shots. In other words, they wanted it more. At least that’s what Chris Bosh says.

Speaking to the media after the game, Bosh said “You always want to play your best basketball at the most opportunistic time but it just doesn’t work out like that. Everything mentally and physically was good. I think with every individual, physically everybody is going to go through pain — they’ve done through the same thing. But you know, they wanted it more than we did. They played great, we came up short, and that’s really it.”

Bosh also said that in a seven-game series, the best team wins. He reflected and said he hopes the Heat will use the loss as motivation, and he acknowledged the team has work to do.

Bosh spoke with great perspective and he was able to find a small bright spot but admitted that losing the Finals wasn’t a good feeling. He said they can only look ahead, and he’s right on. I agree with what Bosh says, and though it’s a long wait until next season, it’s hard to say the Heat won’t be back. They have to realize they had a good season and that although they came up short, they had a fairly successful year.

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Video: Mark Cuban Drops S-Bomb During ESPN Interview with Hannah Storm

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban remained silent throughout the NBA playoffs, much to the dismay of the media and fans. Earlier in the season he was happy about the struggles of the Heat, so you know he took extra joy in seeing his team beat them to win the championship. When he finally did speak up, he made a point to drop an s-bomb on live TV during an interview on ESPN. Check out this video courtesy of Ben Golliver on twitter:

“Our fans just punked the s*** out of the Miami fans,” Cuban made a point to say. He says his team’s fans were louder than the Miami fans even though it was a road game for Dallas. It’s something we noticed about the Heat fans throughout the playoffs, and something I would figure Charles Barkley would say.

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Chris Bosh Falls to His Knees, Cries in Defeat (Video)

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is an emotional softy as we’ve come to find out. He admitted he was nervous before a game in Boston earlier in the playoffs, and he appeared to be crying after a regular season loss to the Bulls. Given what we know about him, it’s no surprise to see that he cried after losing in the NBA Finals. Here’s a video of Chris Bosh crying:

A lot of people will mock Bosh for falling to his knees and crying after the game, but I won’t go there. The guy stepped up against the Bulls and helped get Miami to the Finals. He also played well in the Finals. He proved his place on the Heat and he’s showing us how much he genuinely cares about winning and losing. You can knock Chris Bosh for this, but I won’t. It’s obvious he has heart. Maybe a few of his teammates could benefit from sharing his care for the game.

Heat and Mavericks Get into Mini-Fight During Second Quarter (Video)

The Heat and Mavericks had some bad blood develop during their NBA Finals series. There was no real rivalry between the teams, but there were some individuals who had previous beef (see LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson). While nobody will confuse this series for the real hatred going on in the Stanley Cup Final, they did get into a mini-fight during the second quarter. That there was a debate about players possibly being suspended if there were a Game 7 is laughable. That was such a non-incident, and honestly, would you expect everyone to hold hands and hug at midcourt? Both Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem got technical fouls as did DeShawn Stevenson. The Mavs ended up with an extra free throw as a result, but if you’re going to T-up Chalmers there, you should do the same thing to Tyson Chandler for putting his hands on Haslem.

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DeShawn Stevenson: Mavericks Receiving Help from Other Teams to Beat Miami Heat

Once you get into the playoffs in sports and most teams’ seasons have come to an end, tips begin being exchanged. Coaches and players have friends around the League from previous jobs and stops in their careers and they like to help each other out. That’s nothing new — just look at the NFL playoffs and you’ll hear about coaches getting tips from their friends in the business on how to beat an opponent. This has been no different for the Dallas Mavericks, who say they’ve received help from opposing players and coaches regarding their series with Miami. But are these people trying to help their friends, or motivated by a desire to see the Heat lose? Mavs guard DeShawn Stevenson believes it’s more of the latter.

The guys that I deal with, they say a lot of things about how to guard and the way to play them. And coach (Rick Carlisle) said a lot of coaches called him about how to play the Miami Heat. I just think a lot of people want to see us win this thing.”

As I previously noted, teams still in the playoffs receiving tips on how to beat their opponents is nothing new, but what makes this somewhat different is Stevenson’s belief that it stems from people wanting to see the Heat lose. Again, that’s nothing new either — we know the Heat are hated. If they weren’t, their games wouldn’t get such high ratings from all the people who want to see them lose. If the Mavericks can pull off one more victory, many people will get their wish of wanting to see the Heat fail.

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Dirk Nowitzki Wins Sick for Mavs, LeBron James Disappears for Miami Heat

If there were a proper time to criticize LeBron James for his lack of offense during the NBA Finals, Game 4 was it. The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks played their third game that was decided by a basket, and for the second time this series the Mavericks came out on top.

Dirk Nowitzki fought through a fever that reached 101 degrees to score 21 points — 10 in the fourth quarter — in Dallas’ win. Though Jason Terry shot down any comparison to Michael Jordan’s infamous flu game in the ’97 finals, there is little doubt that Dirk came up big in the clutch. And if you have any wonders about how sick he was, just look at his face in the picture. The dude looked like the cousin of death.

LeBron James on the other hand did very little down the stretch. LBJ handled the ball and distributed in the previous finals games and the strategy resulted in wins two of the three games. His decisions to pass to his teammates were usually the right ones because he was double-teamed leaving someone open. But LeBron showed very little aggression in Game 4 even when he should have. He received high pick and rolls allowing him a one-on-one match up yet he decided not to drive late in the game. For whatever reason, he didn’t attack the basket and he ended up with just eight points on 3-for-11 shooting. The eight-point performance was LeBron’s playoff career low and it left him saying he needs to be more assertive in the future.

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Rick Carlisle Denies Jason Whitlock’s Postgame Story Angle (Video)

For the second NBA Finals game in a row, a reporter was shot down in the postgame press conference. While following Game 3 it was a jab at LeBron James that was denied, after Game 4 it was Jason Whitlock’s butt-kissing approach to Rick Carlisle that got the Dikembe Mutumbo treatment.

Whitlock, a columnist for FOXSports.com, didn’t even ask the Mavericks coach a question, which is the first problem. In essence, he had a story planned about how Rick Carlisle had done a masterful coaching job and he just wanted a quote from the coach to confirm it. Instead, he got a door shut in his face. Check out the video courtesy of Ball Don’t Lie:

Maybe that will teach Whitlock the most important point to keep in mind during interviews: Always ask a question! What kind of answer do you think you’re going to get when you grab the microphone and provide commentary rather than a question? Hopefully any aspiring journalist or broadcaster reading this will keep that lesson in mind … always ask a question.