New York Post puts Jets in a clown car (Picture)

The New York Post is known for stirring things up with their newspaper covers, and they truly outdid themselves on Tuesday. In their NFL season preview, they put New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in a clown car being driven by coach Rex Ryan. Giants stars Justin Tuck and Eli Manning are seen cruising by in a convertible with the top down, holding their two Super Bowl trophies.

Even though the Post is mocking the Jets in the cover, Mike Vaccaro wrote an article accompanying the cover that suggests the Jets could follow the Giants’ model to become a championship team. We highly doubt that happens; the Jets simply don’t have the offense to win.

Clown car, bro. And by the way, this may surpass the hilarious Michael Vick pic as our favorite cover from the New York Post.

H/T Sports by Brooks Live

NY Post Gives Michael Vick the Baby Photo Treatment (Picture)

All that’s left to do now is to photoshop Michael Vick as a woman.  Over the course of one season, we have had the chance to see what the Eagles quarterback would like as a white guy and now an infant.  Check out the following picture from the back cover of Tuesday’s NY Post, courtesy of Shutdown Corner:

The actual article features quotes from several different Giants players who claim the hits they laid on Vick over the weekend were perfectly legal.  Some were, others may not have been.  However, there is little debate that Vick went about handling it the wrong way.  Whether the hits were legal or not, the baby picture is warranted.  If Vick is already feeling sorry for himself after three games it is going to be a long year.  Perhaps he’ll get a few extra calls after lambasting the officials, but he will also have defenders coming at him even harder knowing how much it frustrates him.  The Eagles need to sort out their offensive line problems and start working on the things that they can control.