Nick Fairley now getting fat?

Nick-Fairley-LionsNick Fairley has had a difficult offseason with the Detroit Lions. After the team declined his 2015 option in hopes that the former Auburn star would lose weight and be motivated to earn a new contract, Fairley shed too many pounds. Now, he has started to go in the opposite direction again.

According to MLive.com’s Kyle Meinke, Fairley has packed weight back on at a furious pace and was demoted to the second-team defense in practice this week. Fairley has been replaced — at least for the time being — by veteran defensive tackle CJ Mosley. Meinke notes that there have been times where Mosley looks like he has discovered the “fountain of youth.”

Fairley, a former 13th overall pick, is just 26. He has the physical tools needed to dominate the opposition, but it has become clear that he does not put in enough effort and dedication during the offseason and in practice. Mosley alluded to that when speaking to reporters earlier this week.

“He’s a bright guy. He’s cool. He kinda just adventures off sometimes,” Mosley said of Fairley. “But I do that as well. He’s a great teammate, a great guy. I just don’t know what’s going on with the situation. But I encourage him as much as I can.”

The situation is that the Lions are obviously unhappy with Fairley. He has a few weeks to get back into shape and prove he is deserving of a starting role, but Mosley isn’t making it easy for him. This could very well be Fairley’s last season in Detroit.

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Nick Fairley: Lions are going to Super Bowl

Nick-Fairley-LionsAfter a tremendously disappointing 4-12 season last year, the Detroit Lions are looking to get back on track in 2013 and contend for a playoff spot. Jim Schwartz’s team’s inability to take things one game at a time last season cost them in the long run, which is why it will be important for the Lions to simplify things when training camp begins.

For starters, Detroit should not be thinking about the Super Bowl just yet. Someone needs to tell that to defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

“I expect big things,” Fairley told the Detroit News earlier this week. “I am going to say we are going to the Super Bowl because I am competitive and that is what I want for the team and it is one of the goals. I am sure we are going to take it game by game and day by day.

“I always have high expectations. I got my kickball tournament and I am trying to win these games. It is the competitor in me that comes out on Sundays.”

There is nothing wrong with being confident and setting out to win a championship. That is exactly what you want from players, but it’s probably not a great idea to bring up the Super Bowl when your team won only four games a season ago. The Lions may have been too cocky coming off their impressive 2011 season in which they reached the postseason for the first time in 12 years. Now, it’s back to basics.

Fairley believes his team can win the Super Bowl and that’s great. However, this NFL coach could tell you that sometimes it’s best to not raise fan expectations if you can help it — especially with a fan base as frustrated as the one in Detroit.

Nick Fairley arrested again, charged with DUI and eluding police

Nick Fairley is having an interesting offseason. And it’s not the good kind of interesting, either. Nearly two months after a separate run-in with the law in Alabama, Fairley found himself in hand cuffs again on Sunday.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Sunday morning, Fairley was arrested in Mobile and charged with DUI and attempting to elude police, according to WALA-TV.  State troopers also say he was ticketed for reckless driving, no proof of insurance and having an open container in the car. He posted bail at $1,750 and was released around 9 a.m.

On April 3, Fairley was busted in Mobile for marijuana possession. That was during a brief stretch of time when three Lions players — all drafted in 2011 — were all arrested for being caught with weed. Fairley’s latest arrest now totals five this year for that draft class.

The Lions, who drafted Fairley 13th overall out of Auburn, have invested a lot in him. It has to be alarming for the franchise that Fairley hasn’t proven he can’t stay out of the back of a cop car. But if there’s a team used to having first-round picks becoming huge disappointments, it’s the Lions.

Three Lions drafted in 2011 have been arrested for marijuana possession this offseason

The Detroit Lions have impressively hit on almost all of their draft picks last year. The Lions only made five selections in the 2011 draft and, incredibly, three of the players have been arrested for marijuana possession since their rookie season ended.

First-round pick defensive tackle Nick Fairley (pictured at left) was spotted speeding in Mobile, Ala., Tuesday and was pulled over where marijuana was found in his possession. He was charged with a misdemeanor.

Second-round pick running back Mikel Leshoure missed his arraignment Monday for a marijuana possession charge. Leshoure was pulled over March 12 because the car he was riding in didn’t signal a lane change. The car apparently reeked of weed, and an officer saw Leshoure cramming the herb into his mouth. He was also arrested on Feb. 18 for marijuana possession.

Seventh-round pick offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath (pictured at right) was arrested at a hotel in South Carolina for marijuana possession on January 25. He paid a fine for the charge to close the case.

The Lions were already considered semi-dirty because of their lack of discipline for Ndamukong Suh, and because of the way coach Jim Schwartz got into it with Jim Harbaugh. Now they’re developing a reputation for being the jail blazers of the NFL. If they keep this up, they’ll replace the Bengals as the most undisciplined team in the NFL.

Nick Fairley Dominated Oregon and Got in His Cheap Shot

Nick Fairley is a 6’5″ 315lb monster defensive tackle for Auburn. The junior is widely expected to leave school for the NFL draft where he’ll likely be a top-three pick after his performance in the National Championship Game, and potentially the top overall pick. Fairley dominated the game for Auburn against Oregon, making five tackles, three for a loss. He was in the Oregon backfield constantly, disrupting several plays. He was also smart enough to recognize when passes were coming and he frequently dropped back into coverage, abandoning the rush.

Following typical Auburn style, Fairley’s success has not come without controversy. He was responsible for sparking a fight in the Georgia game that resulted in a pair of ejections. He made similar dirty moves throughout the season, to the point that even Oregon players said he had earned his reputation. And of course he got in his cheap shot, slamming LaMichael James’ head after making a tackle. Luckily he was penalized for the dirty play. Here it is in case you missed it:

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